7 Technological Advances in Manufacturing Automation in 2024

In this modern world, there is nothing that influences our daily lives more than technology. But it could be argued that technological advancements are even more prominent in the industrial world. When it comes to manufacturing, automation is something that was a real game-changer. But it is far from over. If we can say something about technology today, that would be that it is developing faster than ever before.

Production in all industries is getting better and faster, as we sophisticate the machinery and the processes. As always, competition is a driving force behind our society. The one manufacturer that is not following others in adopting new technologies will inevitably be left behind. So if you are interested more about this topic, or you already know what machinery you require, you can simply check this site, and find out more. If someone is more interested in finding out what are the newest technologies being developed and trends we should follow, here is our list of them.

  • Cloud storage for wireless data

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Yes, cloud storage is not just for our cell phones. But when it comes to manufacturing, it works in a very similar way, and it brings the same advantages. Every industry, no matter the type, regularly uses computers and machines. Computers have data, and keeping that data in a cloud can prove crucial in emergencies. It adds other gains as well, like automatic updates. But the main goal is to have all our data safely stored with a wireless network. That way, if there is any mishap with computers, not everything is lost. In fact, no matter what happens, a continuation of production is mere seconds away.

  • Robotics

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One of the aspects of manufacturing that is becoming more vital is robotics. The main reason why robots are becoming more widespread is quite intriguing. Before, you needed experienced experts to watch over every move they make. Autonomous mobile robots of today are not like that. That is making it possible to use robots in even smaller firms. Furthermore, robots are becoming more and more specialized in the actions they can perform. So, even though the automobile industry is where it all started, today, any manufacturers can find a use for these new and better robots.

  • 3D printing

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When it first appeared, 3D printing had quite a restricted use. Do you have a factory where you produce plastic? Then use 3d printing machines. That is history. But as many have predicted, when this exciting new technology emerged, it finds additional purposes as it continues to grow. This is especially true when it comes to mass-producing necessary objects. If you ever observed 3d printer working, surely you noticed that it works extremely slow. But that is not how the newest 3d printing methods work. That enabled 3d printers to work over a hundred times faster. With speed like that, there is going to be a lot more purposes for this technology.

  • Diode lasers

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Can anyone imagine the future without lasers? Not only would that be far less appealing, but it would have also been much less productive. Using diode lasers is enabling most manufacturers to achieve much better performance. The automobile industry has been one of the first to jump on this new technology. With diode lasers, they can improve on several aspects of their production. Welding and bonding are probably the most significant of those. That is how they can decrease automobile weight, produce them faster, and also diminish energy costs. There are simply too many benefits to using diode lasers.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

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Yet another technology that is present in manufacturing for a while. But with recent breakthroughs, it is getting much more popular. Being able to obtain cloud-based Saas options was a key point. Because of it, even modest companies have an opportunity to take advantage of this technology. The main goal of it is to help companies with the automation of various sections of their business. It further enables them to learn and supervise all of their work. That helps them immensely when it comes time for additional corrections and changes, naturally, if there is even a requirement for them.

  • Nanomanufacturing

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Does anyone remember the first computers? They were as weaker from the ones of today as they were larger. If the fact that modern smartphones are over 30,000 times stronger than computers on Apollo, space ships don’t impress you. Then nothing about nanomanufacturing will. And make no mistake, nanomanufacturing is only going to play a larger role in the future. Not only computers, but many other industries will benefit from it. It can find use when we make batteries and solar cells. And even more vital in medicine. Maybe it sounds like science fiction. But they aren’t any limit to how nanomanufacturing will affect our future lives and production.

  • Smart factories and AI

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Speaking of smartphones, if we can be certain of something, we can be sure of the next thing. Factories of tomorrow will be smart.  Humanity has never stopped improving. The automation that we achieved today will continue to evolve tomorrow. They will be completely associated, adjustable, and extremely effective. Manufacturing automation will further benefit from the usage of artificial intelligence. That is already noticeable in many factories. AI has only begun developing, so it will take a while for it to reach its full potential. But if some experts are to be trusted, when it happens, it will amplify remarkably fast. Acceptance of AI is not something that everyone is willing to accept right now. However, those who don’t will be left behind, as the rest become far more efficient in their production.

As we have seen, some features of the future are already here today, in its simpler form, of course. Characteristically for technology, it never sleeps or slows down. Advancements are a constant every manufacturer needs to be conscious of. Maybe not each one of the technologies we mentioned here will find application in every single industry. One thing is certain. These are some of the innovations that will affect our world the most.