Are Gaming Laptops Used Especially For Gaming Alone?

Contrary to popular beliefs, gaming laptops are one of the best laptops you could choose for business or personal usage.

Gaming Laptops are the ultimate machines sitting right at the cutting edge of personal computing technology. Gaming Laptops are power-packed with ultra-modern components including super-powerful processors, fast GPUs, and large RAMs to support heavy-duty games such as Call of Duty and PUBG.

As with all technologies, designing the perfect laptop for a user group is essentially an exercise in making smart trade-offs. Gaming laptops also come with a few compromises. They are heavier and less portable than other laptops. And all these heavy-duty games consume a lot of power causing battery issues.

Despite all this, gaming laptops will make your business/home tasks faster, more reliable, and smoother. If you want to find some great gaming laptop options for all of your uses, you must check out the detailed reviews at

Let’s look at some advantages of using gaming laptops for all your tasks. In the end, we will also look at the two minor drawbacks, and as you shall see, there are workarounds around those as well.

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1. Speed

With all the powerful components they come with, gaming laptops are much faster than home or even business laptops.

Most gaming laptops are powered by Intel Core i5, i7 or i9 or AMD Ryzen 5,7 or 9 series of processors. These processors are multi-core multi-threaded with blazing fast Clock Speeds over 3.5Ghz which can be boosted up to Turbo Clock Speeds of over 4.5GHz. With some hacking, these processors can be made even faster through overclocking. L3 Caches in excess of 20Mb make them some of the meanest CPUs in the market. You can find some of these at

Most gaming laptops are loaded with huge Random Access Memories (RAMs). The minimum RAM that you find in a gaming laptop would still be a decent 8GB but with modern robust chipsets, these RAMs are easily expandable up to an impressive 64 GB with just a few extra dollars spent. To further boost performance, these laptops are equipped with Virtual Random Access Memories (VRAMs).

With such specifications, gaming laptops can really lead to impressive efficiency gains in your business tasks. You can fire up most gaming laptops in less than 5 seconds. You can open multiple tabs and numerous programs at one time. Most tasks would take far less time on gaming laptops than others. No wonder, workers can really smoothen their workflows by using gaming laptops for office work as well.

For those professionals especially, who are heavily dependent on laptops for their business tasks, like programmers, online content writers, digital marketers, graphics artists, and sound engineers, gaming laptops can really make a huge difference in productivity. The resultant sales and profit gains can be very beneficial.

2. High-Grade Materials

Gaming laptops are premium machines. They are crafted from high-quality high-grade materials which are more durable, reliable, and hygienic. The result is that you are less likely to have sudden crashes and failures disrupting your workflow at crucial hours.

With better materials, you can be assured of reliable performance for a long time. You will have much lesser issues of lagging and spiking with gaming laptops. With robust components, these laptops do not require much maintenance, saving your precious time and money.

Also, high-grade materials make for a generally better user experience with their enhanced touch and feel. You do not have to feel irritated with low-grade cheap-looking plastics on your laptop. A lesser number of scratches and kinks on the body keep it always fresh and new. All this makes for a calm and pleasant ambiance while you work or perform routine tasks at home.

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3. Better Audio

Laptops are notorious for being shipped with poor-quality speakers. Most manufacturers assume that users are going to buy a nice pair of noise-canceling earphones at the least to get decent audio from laptops.

Because gaming laptops are designed with the experience factor at the top of mind, they come with good speakers. For example, the Acer Predator Triton 700 ultra-thin gaming laptop features the amazing TrueHarmony Speaker which can provide high-quality audio.

Because most games feature crisp sound effects and flowing electronic soundtracks, gaming laptops augment the sound quality through pre-loaded audio suites. These software can give controls for amazing effects like reverbs, surround sound, equalizer, and bass boosts.

Better audio can make everyday usage much more pleasant and enjoyable. Most of us usually put on some music while at work or commute. Therefore, a clearer, sharper sound definitely makes for better listening. Home users can enjoy better sounds for their entertainment tasks like watching Netflix or Youtube.

4. Customizable

Again, because gaming laptops are top-end products, manufacturers want to provide rich add-on features and services with them.

Many manufacturers provide flexible customization options even at the point of purchase with gaming laptops. You can fully customize the configuration of your machine just as you would like by selecting components at the time of purchase. HP Online Store is a pioneer in this and provides complete customizability.

This flexibility enables you to have exactly what you need. It is almost like custom assembling your own machine. You can juggle and choose the options that you best love.

Many third-party accessory providers let you design the exteriors of your laptop in creative themes and colorful imagery. Custom painting, custom wrapping, laser etching, and hydro dipping can give your laptop the perfect look for that amazing user experience be it at work, or at home!

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5. Easily Upgradeable

As gaming laptops are designed to be state-of-art in personal computing, they are made to be easily upgradeable. This lets users always keep their gaming laptops at the cutting-edge with all the new components and technologies, in line with the product design concept.

While the average office or home user may not want to be at the forefront of the latest technology, there are always issues of crashing RAMs and dead batteries. As gaming laptops are made to be easy to upgrade, replacing all these components is a breeze with gaming laptops. All this means minimum disruptions to your workflow and critical tasks.

6. Workaround Around Compromises

We saw above two compromises that gaming laptops have to make to pack in all the power that they bring to users. Their superior performance consumes a lot of power and leads to frequent battery drains. Most gaming laptops normally do not last beyond 5-7 hours on a full charge,

However, there are some smart workarounds. Optimus is a great feature that can stretch battery lives by quite a bit. Optimus does this by using the integrated graphics card on your CPU for non-demanding graphical tasks and only switching over to the dedicated GPU ( NVidia / Radeon) only while gaming / 3D rendering. This saves a lot of power and lets you go longer on a single charge.

The second issue was with the heavyweight and reduced portability. With Moore’s Law pushing Computer components to smaller sizes, gaming laptops are getting lighter and more portable every day. You can find a mid-range model easy to carry around.

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Gaming Laptops are powerful machines. It would be a pity to restrict their richness to only niche gaming usage. Start using your gaming laptops for all your computing needs today, and make work and home more enjoyable with faster speeds and improved performance.