7 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Co-Browsing Software

Every online company wants to connect with its customers and agents to do various operations smoothly. Therefore, they use co-browsing or collaborative-browsing applications to engage their sales team with their clients. It helps in improving the online conversions, and you can make loyal customers.

Generally, such software is used with live chat for a better experience. The visitor finds it easy to explore the website and connect with the company sales team effectively. If the customer is not getting anything while visiting the website, the agent can help him sort things out. The agent will help in navigating the complete site and assist its clients.

It is easy to get engaged with the clients by filling forms and overlaying documents. Many people do not know how to use such software. You can use it in three ways, i.e., phone call, web call, or live chat. Cobrowsing is quite common in many organizations as it helps build a sturdy relationship between the customers and brand.

In the following write-up, we will discuss some common mistakes that a person should avoid while using the co-browsing software. If you are using it with live chat or call, then there are chances that you can make various mistakes that need to be avoided.

Not Providing Better Customer Service

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If you are handling customers as a sales team, it is necessary to provide better support services to help them. If you are not solving user issues, then it can affect your online business severely. Whenever any visitor is stuck at any place on your website, they may feel free to contact you and get assistance.

Ensure that you are available to your clients to check what is happening on the site and assist them accordingly. With the help of co-browsing software, the agent can access the website view from the client-side and resolve all the problems with ease. Your brand can get poor feedback if you do not take care of the support services.

Not Providing Better User Experience

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Sometimes, a website is relatively complicated to understand and browse. It is necessary to simplify things for your visitors to convert them into your loyal clients. The customers must understand all the information available on the site and get a better site experience. Sometimes, it is relatively challenging to make such changes.

Therefore, one can do a simple thing. You must use the co-browsing software to know all the challenges that your client is facing. Provide support services to them as required. In many cases, the agents do not provide a better user experience, and hence, they make severe mistakes.

Increasing the Call Time

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The main aim of using the co-browsing application is to reduce the calling time. There are chances that your customers may find it challenging to connect with your brand due to high traffic. On many sites, a person can contact the sales team through emails or messages.

But it is a time-consuming process, and hence, it is necessary to reduce calling time. Instead of calling, your customers should interact with the brand through co-browsing software and get solutions immediately. In this way, they can explore the website with ease and find solutions by themselves.

Never Leave Your Clients on Hold or Hanged

No one likes to wait or go on hold for a long time to get their problems solved. If any visitor has contacted you, you must attend him and assist with his issues. If you are keeping them on hold or hanging them for a long time, you can miss that consumer. It is hard to get them back anyhow.

Make sure that you never make such a mistake and always attend to them whenever possible. You should also remember that you should show the status of availability only when you are available.

Never Abuse Co-browsing

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The use of co-browsing software is quite effective for guiding visitors to crawl your website effectively. But if you do not use it properly, it can be disappointing and frustrating for them. Whenever you want to redirect your consumer to a new page, you should always ask for permission.

If you shift them to an unnecessary page, then it will appear relatively rude. Hence, in this way, you can lose your clients forever. The person must appreciate the sales staff that he is dealing with the right person for solving his matters.

Taking Your Customers for Granted

Visitors are everything for every online business, and it is necessary to take care of your customers. Never take them for granted at all. If your client feels that you are not taking them seriously, they may switch to another platform.

You cannot afford to miss them at all. Therefore, You must never make such a mistake. Many online business owners make this common mistake, and hence, they regret it later. Stay polite and humble with them. Put your efforts to resolve your consumer’s problems in every possible way.

No Follow Up

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After helping your customers, it is easy to take the follow-up whether they are still using the website in a better way or not. If you are not taking any follow-up, then you are making a mistake. It is necessary to make good relationships between consumers and the brand. The follow-up can help in keeping your audience closer to your business.

Final Thoughts

Many people use co-browsing software, and hence, they make several mistakes and lose customers in the end. You should know the purpose and use of such applications for building a healthy relationship between clients and the brand.

Consider all the mentioned mistakes and try not to repeat them if you want to run a successful online business. It is necessary to know that you can connect with your consumers and fix their problems with ease. You can combine such software with other options like calling or live chat. Make sure that you use such an effective tool properly to get the desired output.