Become the Best in IT – 2024 Guide

To become the best in what you do in your industry takes a lot of work. It requires a lot of planning, hard work, and dedication. To make it happen, there are some things that you need to do to make it possible. Sometimes just having experience does not make you known in the IT world. It does not also mean that you know your stuff in the IT field. How can you establish yourself as an expert in the IT industry? What does it take to get recognized as an expert? What’s required to have a reputation in your organization and out of it?

  1. Gain experience

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As I stated earlier, just having experience in the IT field doesn’t make you an expert. But you need to note that it is a prerequisite to becoming one. You might be brilliant in making amazing IT related stuff, and it is still important to gain real-world experience. Before you get taken seriously in the IT field, you need to have worked and gained at least five years if you have more years of experience, even the better.

The good thing about gaining experience, it can be got from different places. You can be working in the military, in a government entity, corporate environment, or even from running a business. Gaining experience offers flexibility on how the experience got gained.

If you are transitioning mid-career, you can use your experience in a non-IT field and leverage it by building a reputation in IT.

  1. Concentrate on a specialty

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It is not easy to master all aspects of IT. The field has grown over recent times. Like other fields, you cannot be a master of all. You cannot be a jack of all trades in things IT. To become an expert, you need to specialize and be a master of one area and stand out from the rest of the crowd. With time it indeed is true you can be a generalist in IT, but it is not easy to become famous in it. To make this happen, you need to find a niche and become good at it.

When you are trying to build your reputation in IT, you can start by looking at an area you can specialize in. Then slowly by slowly, you can start branching out slowly to different things. When picking something to specialize in, the key is to pick an area that fascinates, something that you get enthusiastic about.

When you are enthusiastic about the area you are specializing in, it is easy to grow and become an expert. Many experts pick up from their areas the experts that stand out. Once you pick an area, you can also specialize in a subfield to stand out more—another factor to look into when choosing to specialize. Look for an area that does not have many established experts. Do not go into a heavily saturated area. It makes it hard for you to establish yourself as an expert since many experts are in the field.

  1. Take ownership

After choosing an area of expertise to focus on. The next step is to take ownership of that topic or a particular area. When someone thinks of that topic or area, you need to be the first person that comes to their mind. You want to be that name that’s associated with that specialty area that you have chosen.

Most people do not want to get recognized for such a small part. They want to be part of and get recognized for something bigger. But remember this advice to help you get recognized in your field. Once you have accomplished recognition, you can venture out into another field.

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  1. Start Small

When we start, we usually have grand schemes and ambitions of whom we want to be. But regardless of how big your goal is, you need to start small. There’s beauty in growing gradually. As you continue getting recognized and being well known and respected in your field. You will slowly hone some skills little by little in the little spaces that you are in. By the time you get into the big leagues, you have made a name for yourself. And the small ponds which you have conquered will lead you to bigger ponds.

  1. Take on writing assignments

Writing a book is not for everyone. Not everyone has the stamina, interest, and time to do it. Writing takes a lot of hard work. Writing can be a gratifying endeavor; it can pay handsomely sometimes. But sometimes, if you look at the time and work put in compared to the earnings, they do not add up. You also need to select your topics carefully. For example, writing about topics that are not true, such as the earth being flat, is most likely going to earn you a bad reputation. According to The Doe, engaging with people who believe such things can be quite frustrating.

According to, you can make money from writing articles on IT. While at it, you can use the reputation you have built with your audience to catch some editors’ attention. Pitch for work, get assignments. Once you get an assignment, put everything that you know in this article. The compensation at the beginning might not be much. As you continue, people will get to know you, and they will refer to you as an expert in that specific area.

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  1. Get social

When you are building your business and brand, it is easy to forget to socialize. It includes online social networking but also faces to face real-world networking. You can use social media platforms to further your ambitions. Join a community of experts in your area, and together you can grow.

  1. Put your name on the web

Even if you are starting writing and do not have enough influence to get paid for your articles. Out of yourself out there and write about what you know about IT. It, as well as your social media, will help you put your name out there. A blog will also be an excellent platform to develop a good following in the IT world.


It is not impossible to make our name and be an expert in IT. Become known in your field by following some of these tips. Become a superstar in IT.