New Online Technologies Influencing the Best Online Casinos

Technological advancements over the past fifty years have profoundly reshaped and streamlined our daily lives. Despite some challenges faced by the older generation in adapting to these changes, it’s undeniable that today’s possibilities were once mere fantasies for our grandparents.

This evolution has notably impacted the online casino industry in Australia. The synergy between casinos and technology has paved the way for more engaging and diverse gaming experiences.

A prime example of this integration is The Pokies Casino, which stands out as a leader in embracing technological innovations. Being at the forefront of these advancements is a key factor in their recognition as one of the best online casinos. In this blog, we’ll explore various remarkable innovations in the online casino realm, as reviewed by our expert, Varsha. Visit The Pokies Casino to witness firsthand the fusion of cutting-edge technology and gaming excellence.

What are the technologies affecting our online casinos?


We give you an overview of what casino and technology developments can mean for The Pokies Casino and its players.

  • Better display of images and sound at the games
  • Simplify registration More “real” casino experience.
  • Expanding payment methods

Better graphics and sound

More and more investments are being made to improve video playback. And not only is the software being innovated all the time, think 3D rendering, but also the hardware is undergoing changes. High Definition has become almost a matter of course, and on the mobile market, OLED screens provide perfect playback.

Simplify sign-up

One of the biggest frustrations of online players is signing up with their gambling provider. Surely, the classic sign-up process requires some knowledge of computer techniques. For example, uploading documents is not something you do every day. With “Verify Me”, a step forward has already been made there.

If we also get casino legalized in Australia, it will be a relief for players. This registration was developed by the Australian payment company PayID. This method has no lengthy registration procedures. You make a deposit with PayID, and your bank confirms your personal information. And what’s even better, the same system can be used entirely with Visa. The application in Australia is still some time away, as the Australian “ACMA” is not quite convinced yet.

More casino experience


With the live casino, a big step was already taken to create the illusion with players that they are not sitting at the gaming table at home, but in a real gambling temple. Casinos are recreated in studios. There, casino games are conducted by real croupiers and dealers.

Images of the games are streamed live and in HD to the site. The player can log into these games and participate in the live action. There is even limited communication possible through a chat box. But as mentioned, technology does not stand still. Developments that are designed with initially different purposes may also eventually be a step forward for the casino experience at the Holland online casino.

Artificial intelligence or AI

This technology is actually already widely used in online gambling. By deploying it, the entire gambling behavior of the player is mapped out, among other things. With that information, tailored offers, promotions and game suggestions are then offered to this customer.

Virtual Reality or VR

It has been around for a while, but bringing this technology to the general public is no easy task. Cost was, and still is, the stumbling block. VR is a technology that catapults the user into a virtual world, so to speak. Through special glasses, you see an environment that appears completely lifelike. There are even tools that allow you to grasp and manipulate objects.

This would mean that if a simulation of the Monte Carlo casino could be made. You could then sit between James Bond and Le Chiffre and participate in their legendary poker game in the Bond film Casino Royale.

Augmented Reality or AR

With AR, things are taken a step further. Here, a layer of virtual reality is added to actual reality. A Pokémon game is a good example of this. Where the cartoon characters are displayed as live and hidden during your quest. In the casino, you could project a real roulette on your own dining table and play with it.

Expand payment methods


Here we are thinking mainly of the crypto currency that is already being used in many international casinos by now. In Australia, for the time being, its use at gambling sites is completely prohibited. This restriction should prevent money laundering through online casinos.

It is no secret that crypto coins, thanks to their anonymity, are also a popular tool by the criminal environment. Also, gift cards such as the Paysafecard should not be used to make deposits at an online casino.

What can we conclude?

Casino and technology make an ideal pair. There are a lot of opportunities that have boosted the whole casino experience. We cannot yet enjoy everything due to protective legislation in Australian online casinos. But let’s still conclude that security and reliability are more important than a smooth way to sign up and a modern payment method.