What is co-browsing and how Can it benefit your eCommerce?

Co-browsing has been gaining popularity across the world because of its practical applications. It helps two or more parties to browse any web page simultaneously. If you have an e-commerce website, then it will allow your customer support agents to view and identify your customer’s issues and help them accordingly.

As far as the consumer services are concerned, co-browsing has allowed companies to achieve a lot in this field. If any company wants to provide value to their consumers, engagement with them should be their focal point. This means interacting with your customers and giving them real-time services or support.

Are you looking for a co-browser for your e-commerce website? If yes, then we suggest you check out the copointer. It provides you with a digital tool that can help you in co-browsing, which is very similar to screen-sharing. However, it has more features than simple screen-sharing such as viewing content, downloading it, highlighting the important or a particular portion, etc.

How does a co-browser work?

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The very first thing that you need to have is co-browsing software installed on your device. Each software can be different, but the main objective is to browse the web pages together. In co-browsing, the customer support team can have access to the customer’s browser opened on their screens. This can even be done while the agents are speaking to the consumers on the call.

While talking over the call, the agents can instantly take their customer’s questions and solve them by having access to their documents. The agents are also allowed to perform certain functions on behalf of their customers if or whenever required. However, while handling this, the security of the consumer’s data is not compromised at all.

Why do you need co-browser software for your company?

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Co-browsing software helps you to engage with your clients by having access to their screens in real-time. The support team uses this software to guide their clients about complex processes, transaction methods, or demos. To improve its efficiency even more, the agents connect with their clients on a direct call, live chat, or video call.

The client’s loyalty increases: Whenever a customer service provider team tries to engage with their clients to solve their issues, it directly impacts their loyalty. If your company provides the best services to their clients, it will surely earn their trust and loyalty.

It can help reduce customer service costs: The virtual engagement with the consumers has allowed your company to provide speedy solutions. Due to the faster delivery of the services, the time and cost of the support services decrease.

It helps improve the team’s overall efficiency: It also helps increase the productivity of a company by providing faster solutions to its clients by instantly getting access to their screens.


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You might be already familiar with the screen-sharing software because they have been in this industry for quite a while now. There were some drawbacks in this software that led to the development of the co-browsers, which is considered a better alternative in today’s technology world.

With the help of a co-browser, the agent and the customer can work on the same web page together, which is generally termed collaborative browsing. Screen-sharing is not a good option because it doesn’t restrict the second party from accessing your sensitive documents. On the other hand, while working on a co-browser, the clients can hide their confidential documents or data.


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Protects the private information of your clients:

While working on co-browsers, customer care can only view the browning screens of their clients. It means that they can hide their private information to protect or safeguard their privacy. The clients even can restrict the company team from having access to the other tabs that may contain sensitive data.

A client doesn’t want to expose his or her credit card or debit card details to the company’s team. Therefore, he can protect his sensitive details while co-browsing. So, if you want any help from the customer service providers, make sure to use co-browsers to protect your privacy.

Helps in completing the complex transactions:

When people visit any new e-commerce site, they usually find it hard to trust them. They don’t know the company’s people or employees and don’t even have their contacts. Due to this, they generally drop off the items in their carts only and do not take the risk to make transactions.

With co-browsing, the agent can combine two software ( one the co-browser and the other the live chat or the video chat software) to interact with the clients. By doing this, they can gain the clients’ trust and eventually make them complete significant transactions.

It helps in boosting the sales of your e-commerce website:

The customer support team can track the client’s page constantly, which will help them to understand their needs and preferences. Therefore, the next time the client comes back, the agents know very well about his demands and can instantly satisfy them. The company’s main priority is to win their clients to make more and more transactions. This will automatically lead to a boost in sales and profit generated by e-commerce.

Increases the speed of the customer support:

The clients do not have to download any particular software to get co-browsing customer support. It means that they can get instant replies and answers to their questions. A study has shown that almost 78 percent of the clients are satisfied with the co-browsing.


Every business wants satisfied and loyal customers. However, winning the trust of your clients isn’t easy for any e-commerce website. Co-browsing can help any business to track their customers’ browsers and get an idea of their preferences. This will ultimately lead to a boost in their sales or revenue.