How to Convert from PSD to Angular – 2024 Guide

Hello to all readers! How are you? We hope you have some time because today we want to show you an article that will be useful for your general knowledge and future projects. Many web developers and software users mention the notion of this conversion. But what is it and how to realize this possibility?

The latest technologies impresses with the speed of its development, so it may not be super news for you that it is now possible to create a website layout yourself, without even knowing the coding. To do this, you will need basic skills with Photoshop, organize the design of the site according to your wishes and then turn your PSD layout into a real fairy-tale webpage.

Let’s learn together how to do it.

What is Angular?

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Angular is generally popular among developers for its unusual features because it allows you to develop interactive and dynamic web applications that require much less effort and coding. Angular is a platform and framework for creating one-page client applications using HTML and is based on TypeScript, a programming language from Microsoft. Although TypeScript is the primary language for Angular, applications can also be written in languages ​​such as Dart or JavaScript.

Angular is developed by Google, supports its largest applications and provides performance and global infrastructure. The Angular framework is a modern and highly efficient technology. It is suitable for the development of web systems, mobile applications, high-load and complex sites, as well as SPAs (Single Page Applications). It is worth noting that Angular offers server-side rendering, which speeds up the loading of the home page and, therefore, makes it easier to scan dynamic pages. Angular is widely used in hundreds of projects.

The main advantages of this framework:

  • “Built-in” development tools;
  • Huge and dynamic community of developers;
  • Demand and relevance;
  • Stable operation of web applications and their fast loading;
  • Easy upgrade.

What is PSD?

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Many people, even those who have nothing to do with computer technology, have heard of a program like Photoshop. This is, as everyone knows, one of the most popular image editing programs. You can select photos and change their design and then save these designs in various patented formats. The default file format for Photoshop is PSD. In other words, it is a type of document that can help create graphically high-quality websites and programs. Web designers often create their own designs there and then convert them to HTML. About this a little later.

What is PSD to Angular Conversion?

PSD to Angular conversion is a method that allows to develop any kind of effective website that can take a business to the next level in the digital marketplace. Many people claim that converting a PSD to Angular is one of the most well-known steps and a useful web development system that as a result effectively converts a PSD web layout into an adaptive HTML coding website. This process begins with a web page created in a Photoshop document. This conversion helps companies keep their website smooth, charming, convenient and fast to load. The basic idea of ​​this conversion is to turn a Photoshop document into code that would be combined into a design for the convenience of browsers. Moreover, the PSD to HTML service is gaining popularity as it is one of the best ideas for creating adaptive websites.

Reasons for using PSD in Angular

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  • Fast download speed

Currently, this is one of the most important factors for developers when it comes to customer satisfaction in a business that uses the interface. There are many frameworks that offer easy-to-use methods for creating web pages, but the smaller the amount of code – the more active the download speed and the greater the demand for it.

  • Declarative user interface

Angular uses an HTML source to define the user interface, as it is an initiative, declarative and less confusing language. Converting PSD to HTML involves a regular workflow that helps maintain flexibility across different web pages.

  • Dynamic functions

The world will always prosper more, so you better keep up with the latest trends and technologies, and integrate dynamic features into your website because it will be easier with converting PSD to Angular.

  • Web traffic on its own

Another factor to consider is the conversion of PSD to Angular, which allows your website to get good search engine clarity. In addition, you can definitely change the search ranking on your website, and this will eventually increase traffic and attract more customers. Overall, we think that improving your search engine rankings can be achieved through the ability of SEO quite quickly.

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  • Google Support

Equally important, the Angular framework is supported by Google. The team cares about Angular stability throughout. In addition, it is generally accepted that the use of PSD to HTML conversion means that the content of a web page is available in all major browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE, and so on. This is a very big plus, because this is how web pages are understood on every popular platform.

  • Ease of testing

With Angular testing it becomes quite simple. The presence of separate modules offers easy manipulation. If you have a separate module, you can effectively download all the parts and run “Autotest”. In addition, when converting PSD to HTML, it is easy to organize various modules that help developers and designers maintain a website. Moreover, for future requirements, they can even easily recode or integrate features on websites.

  • Adaptive web design

With an attractive website for your business, you can easily turn your visitors into customers. Due to the responsive nature of any website, the user visits the website more often. You will have more search engine availability and visibility. You can create an incredible website, executed correctly according to all technical and design standards.

Converting such a file to Angular during the development of your project requires some effort. First, you need to check your chosen PSD template, i.e. it must meet the requirements of size, number of layers of the template and design aesthetics. The next step is to convert and work to Angular. After that it needs to be tested and then your project will be ready for release for users. One way to convert PSD to Angular is to use an export kit. This technology allows the developer to use the template in development, as all the necessary features are supported.

The Export Kit supports class tags and interacts with controllers, so this export will fully preserve the functionality of your website. It is designed to support frameworks that use MVC, and therefore Angular. There are several tools you can download and purchase before you start converting PSD to Angular. The Sublime Text color encodes your text depending on the language you use, and it converts between Apple and Windows faster than other text editors. The PNG Hat helps to cut assets for game constructions. It also compresses the image during export for faster loading without compromising image quality. CSS Hat instantly converts the Photoshop layer to CSS.

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We recommend that you take into account all the important information mentioned above. We hope this article which is called “How to convert from PSD to Angular” was useful to you and your projects will be even better. Thank you for reading and checking PSD developers from

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