4 Different Types of Dedicated Servers & Their Benefits

The utility of dedicated servers is widely recognized in all industries. Their contribution to safety, convenience, and overall functionality of any activity that requires interaction with other servers makes them a prime pick for a myriad of uses.

These servers can be used for applications, hosting databases, private business interaction, and more. There are many types of dedicated servers that we can pick from. These are separated by specifications and use. In the article below we will lay out both of these groups and elaborate on them.

Dedicated Servers by Specifications

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Depending on the size of your operation, you have to choose between three server types that are different in architecture and specifications. These server types are basic, standard, and enterprise dedicated servers.

The basic one is the cheapest, often being used by individuals, startups, developers, and smaller businesses that need additional reliability as well as performance. These are also the easiest servers to acquire as a lot of website hosting providers sell them.

As far as standard servers go they are most used by those who have already grown their business past the confines of the basic servers. They are more expensive but the architecture makes them exponentially better.

The enterprise dedicated servers are servers dedicated for huge workloads and massive interactions. These are the servers utilized by anybody with a more fleshed out business, requiring a server that can support interactions between many employees at the same time. The specifications of these huge servers are impressive on their own but the additional architecture utilized makes them additionally reliable. The customizability is also firmly present, with the ability to adjust CPU, RAM, disk drives, and other pieces of architecture.  The modifiable nature of their firewalls is another great trait, offering additional security configurations to your server.

Server Types by Use

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Dedicated Servers for Websites

Let’s first take a peek at one of the most common type of dedicated servers by use. Websites hosting servers are used for a great amount of uses. Any style of websites be it forums, social media, cooking websites, journalism websites, and many more can use this server type. The broad nature of the server means it can support any generic utility a client could require while allowing for some unique needs to be fulfilled too.

Dedicated Servers for Email

Hosting e-mails is important for anybody who works with a large number of e-mails and is a requirement for steady business. These types of servers are becoming increasingly common among business owners as keeping all your important customer and employee mails in one plays is very convenient. It also allows you to supervise all communication between employees and customers, allowing for quick resolution of any issues that may arise.

You may find some use with limits that you can impose on file size, preventing big consumption of traffic on your internet connection as well as lowering illegal use of company internet that may occur. E-mail hosting also keeps your business information even more private as only you and those you authorize can get a bigger scoop on the whole server. Site like hostnamaste.com is offering the dedicated servers for emailing.

Dedicated Servers for Gaming

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While we don’t pay private servers too much mind, as most games nowadays are optimized for enjoyable play with plentiful anti-cheats and hacking prevention in action, the utility of such servers for gaming is still present.

The ownership of one such server can help you filter out unwanted players, create a community, have a place for you and your friends to play in without interruption from random players joining, and establishing an online presence for games that may not have it anymore. These are usually older games that used different software for online play, that has since been defunct, or recently shut down games that have a healthy enough player base that wishes to indulge in their favorite pastime still. Video game dedicated servers are all about modifying your current experience for maximum enjoyment during your free time.

Dedicated Servers for Databases

If you have a whole database to take care of, a database dedicated server hosting may be the right type for you. No matter what software you used to create the database itself, you still need a place to host it. Not to mention your database may grow too large or too important to be kept on a single computer, making dedicated servers the optimal solution.

To host a database server you’ll require a lot more resources and a pretty high-end server configuration. This comes from the size and complexity of databases that are frequently utilized. In case you require all of your information to be neatly organized within a server, make sure to check out dedicated server hosting services. Sites like budgetvm.com provide a quick and easy way to get your own server that’ll be up when you need it while providing a convenient way to keep your database accessible.

Overall Benefits of Dedicated Servers

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All of the aforementioned types share some benefits. The first one is that they do not have to share resources. This means you won’t be at the mercy of other people who are using the server at the time, if you are using a server that already has other businesses or individuals that generate a lot of traffic the response time of items hosted on the servers can be significantly impeded. All of the dedicated server’s resources are yours to use, without any bothersome interruption from other users.

Getting your own server also increases the speed of any item hosted on it. Be it a video game server or a website hosted with the architecture, you will get to experience increased performance due to the items having more resources available for loading elements.

The dedicated sites are also highly customizable. Their configurations can be modified to those that work best for your needs. This also allows for a more gradual upgrade of the whole architecture. As your needs grow you needn’t swap out the current server for the one in the higher up category as upgrading is always an option. This can save you time and money while keeping your server updated.

Security is another benefit of note. The dedicated servers are a great way to reduce the threat of malware infecting your items. They are harder to access and aren’t shared with other users who can either intentionally or accidentally inject a virus into the architecture.

These are the key benefits that make the dedicated server ownership worth the investment. If you have items you need set up on a safe architecture with good speed dedicated servers won’t disappoint. They have been used for a while now and are accessible even if you don’t have huge funds to invest, because you could opt for some of the cheapest dedicated server providers available in the market.

Finishing Thoughts

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No matter your needs dedicated servers can support it. As we’ve seen any need you have can be accommodated by dedicated servers. The type and size of the server are entirely based on the extent you will use said server.

These servers are also a great way of starting something more elaborate. This can be a library of personal media, an online community, a discussion board, a space to store and share your work projects, and much more. Whatever the need make sure to take a quick look at dedicated server hosting services to inform yourself more on setting up a server.