Demystifying Currency Trading Platforms: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

The introduction of cryptocurrencies in 2009 has been a great chance for inventors looking for ways to improve their portfolios. The crypto tradings are conducted on a trading platform, a software interface the brokers provide to their customers. The trading platform is the one that helps them gain access to the crypto market availabilities as traders in the forex market.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are available in different formats and can be accessed through the Internet or a web-based portal. Also, you can download a mobile app and opt for a standalone downloadable program. The best currency trading platform can also offer you these three things. Also, you can access tools that can help you research.

Understanding The Functioning Of Currency Trading Platforms



The trading platforms help traders access great tools that help traders to go for the buying and selling orders that are the basis of the forex market transactions. The brokers use the platforms to conduct transactions based on what the buyers and sellers decide. Also, some brokers offer custom trading platforms that help with order processing and research.

The brokers develop various currency trading platforms for retail clients and other interested institutions. The banking and brokerage companies can also come up with  Sometimes the traders are offered forex charting packages for meeting internal needs with different trades executed through the institutional trading channels.

Other platforms offer forex charting packages that help determine the direction of a given currency pair in conjunction with additional technologies like forecasting software and online trading options and patterns. It helps in gaining an edge while conducting forex market operations.

So, the first step comes down to choosing the right trading software, and you can seek the help of an experienced professional. You have to conduct the technical analysis followed by the volume or duration of the trade transaction. You can seek the help of knowledgeable traders who use the data sources followed by charting solutions for accurate transactions.

However, there are some special considerations that you have to focus on.

You should know that retail forex traders look for various features when they want to identify and use a currency trading platform. The need is to choose software that offers easy installation and is easy to use. You can draw comparisons between the web-based platforms and the ones that can be downloaded.

Expenditure and fees are important as the costs differ for the different individual systems. Functionality and integration are other important features. There are chances that the traders will choose famous platforms as they are promised access to all asset classes. However, you should always focus on additional factors like market specialization and competitive rates.

Debunking The Myths


But profitable currency trading is backed by many myths, and if you want to ensure good profits, you must avoid the myths. Some of them are as follows:

Entries Hold Importance. Do They?

Let’s begin with discussing the most interesting myth. There can be any random entry in the system, and it cannot promise you great returns. So, if anyone tells you that entry matters, you need not trust them completely. You can see the market trends as they will help you with a clear picture to burst this myth.

Consistent Profitability Is Possible. Is It?

If you end your trading cycle on a profitable ratio a couple of times, you might be tricked into thinking you have achieved a consistent profitability level. But that’s a myth. You should know that the profit and losses of any trade transaction are determined at the exit time and not at the entry.

You must see different factors like your position sizing, the exits, and the trade management. If you cater to these aspects, you can increase your chances of winning without relying on the entry formats. Entry is simple and does not mean it can lead to profitable trading.

The Maximum Risk Percentage Is 2% A Trade. Really?

So, this is a common rule, and you can find it at various places in the trading industry. But, if you see it from the risk angle, it can lead to major losses. So, while knowing about this 2% trading rule, you have to focus on three other things: the time frame for trading, the system’s performance, and the risk tolerance of the person who wants to trade in cryptos.

The 2% rule doesn’t need to make sense every time because you may not have the time to calculate your position each time when you plan to trade. Also, the stop loss is defined before each trade.

Trading Is A Risky Step. To What Extent?

You have been learning about this since the first day you planned to become a crypto trader. Everything in life is risky; you must minimize it with your understanding and knowledge. When beginning with crypto trading, you have to easily enter, exit, and risk points.

Now, what’s the source of this risk?

Risk is a rest of a lack of knowledge or preparation. So, you have to put in hard work and also some skills that can help you learn about the trading basics. When you do these things, it helps you reduce the risk to comfortable levels.

Greater Leverage Will Lead To Greater Profits. What’s The Truth Behind It?

It is a myth that can end up causing a lot of damage to your financial position by causing a burn in your pocket. Hence, you should not miss knowing about it. If you google any keyword related to crypto trading, you will see a sudden surge in related advertisements. They will force you to loom on the right side, but you must be realistic and look for the losses, too.

You should always understand that leverage is a double-edged sword. If there is a way in which it can help improve the returns, it can also lead to losses that can amplify your expenditure.


So, trading on currency platforms is easy if you don’t fall into the myth trap. If you want a successful trading run, it is important to be rational and learning about these myths will help you avoid them. You must contact the right people and gather the correct information for profitable and authentic trading.