How Do You Design a Website to Attract More Customers? 

Having a quality website is something every business owner has to strive for if the aim is to build a desirable brand that sells. Designing just any kind of web presence is not a good idea, because it may have an entirely opposite effect – chasing away your potential customers. Therefore, web design needs to be approached with a lot of careful planning. Don’t let the idea give you a headache, though, because we will point out what you need to pay attention to, and include in your presentation, in order to attract people, and increase sales.

1. Well-planned and understandable design


Let’s start with the most important. Most of the information (about 80%) that our brain absorbs from the outside world is through visual information. The human brain is capable of processing a very large amount of information in a short period of time. Sight is our most important sense, and it plays an important role in forming opinions about things and the world around us – even about websites. Pay attention to the colors, and how they interact with each other because this will greatly affect the visitors to your web presence.

2. Loading speed

Although we are talking about seconds when loading pages, speed is important. The average loading speed of a web page is just over 8.5 seconds, and it is recommended to be below 3 seconds.

Your site must be fast, mostly due to the fact that the longer it loads, the higher the rate of abandonment of the website. This is especially evident with cell phones. More than half of the visit is lost if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load. There are many factors that affect the speed of a website: hosting, SSL, database structure and size, small file sizes, etc.…

3. Easy navigation


One thing is most important when navigating: simplicity. Just as it is important that a website is fast so it is important that navigation is easy. The golden rule says that there should be a maximum of 3 clicks to any information on the website. There is no point in “hiding” the product. Everything should be easily accessible. I would give this advice to all webshops that have a very large tree of categories and subcategories, and poorly categorize products.

Also, when we have clear and simple navigation, visitors can easily navigate the website and find information quickly.

4. Creating a web store

Starting a web store is the first step toward increasing sales. The second step is to attract customers, i.e. marketing activities that will lead them and motivate them to buy. So, let’s go through the main ones that will lead you towards your ultimate goal – profit.

5. The social media


Social media are an ideal platform for promoting your online business. According to a survey, Facebook alone has millions of users in every country, and in the case of paid campaigns, it offers excellent targeting capabilities. It is possible to target potential buyers at fairly affordable prices according to age, location, and most importantly – various interests. Many brands and businesses already have their own page, and web stores within it that can be integrated into your website.

The same goes for Instagram, when it comes to the number of users, clearly making it a network that can help a lot in attracting customers, especially when selling clothes. Given the nature of this media, it is important to have good photos, and various options such as the “shop now” icon that can be placed on the product photo certainly contribute to more successful sales.

6. SEO

Visitors come to the website by typing the domain name directly into a search engine, through links on other sites or newsletters, and through search engines. An SEO expert will know how to improve a page so that it is ranked better on search engines during key searches. Links to the web store located on well-visited sites, blog writing, and detailed product descriptions are just some of the methods that will increase the number of visitors and customers.

7. Blog


Writing a quality blog is not at all easy. The author needs to have a talent for writing, know the topic he is writing about and spend a lot of time coming up with the most interesting topics. For example, a camera store will benefit if it publishes a series of expert advice on creating top-quality photos, and a health food store, for example. publish a series of articles on health diets or weight loss diets. Quality content is a cost, but it increases search engine rankings, can attract a lot of people, help build a brand and drive sales.

8. Good photos and descriptions

Good photos and product descriptions in the web store will not attract customers, but will leave a much better impression than bad photos and positively influence the purchase decision. Good product descriptions are also important, as is their clarity, so that there is no misunderstanding about what the product can or does include.

9. Customer care


Attracting customers is half the success story of a web store. The other half is their retention, and if the service is really good, some customers will pass on the good word.

Well-designed websites are a mirror of your business. If it is important for you to present yourself well, then you certainly have a quality website.

Today, websites have become one of the most important assets a company can have and it is extremely important that websites are responsive and that SEO optimization includes as many factors as possible. A company website can help you increase revenue. Lastly, remember that your website is your digital business card. So, by no means should you underestimate its importance and go for the cheap design options. Investing in a well-designed presentation will surely pay off sooner or later.