Designing Name Badges That Make A Statement: Tips For Standing Out

They say that great team-building and efficiency at the workplace happen when people know each other professionally and somewhat personally. But, to build these connections, the first step is to strike up a conversation.

But have you ever imagined what would happen if you didn’t know the names of people around you? Will you open your conversation with them with the normal question, ‘Hey, What’s your name’?

It can work sometimes but may not work at all times. That’s when the name badges of people come to your rescue. Well, these badges are not just stickers or tags that people wear on their clothes, but they are a sign of friendliness, identity, and, of course, so many stories of people.

Benefits Of A Good Design

When you have a name badge for yourself or any of your employees, it is important that you go for something that resonates with the event or the service you are providing. For example, if you are rendering a security service, having a flowery design is pointless. Instead, you can go with something simple yet classy, which defines the services and the personality of the person extending such a service.

Apart from that, your badge help in rendering some information to the guests that can help them break the ice and open certain conversations that can help them begin networking with potential people. However, it would help if you took the time to strike the right balance between a proper badge and its quality that meets the basic purpose of investing in badges.

Tips For Curating A Good Design

You need not be too obvious when you plan to get a good design of amazing quality for your badge. There are many things, like the number of badges you want, the purpose, the budget, and the event to which they are related. Hence, after considering these facts, you should follow these tips to create a great design.

Choosing An Adjustable Lanyard

You have to choose a lanyard that will help create the badge. The basic work of the lanyard is that it will have a good grip and hold the tag in a position so that the readability of the information on the tag is not compromised. It will ensure that the tag is not swiveling around and also need no adjustment, no matter the physical measurements of the person wearing the tag.

The best option is to use a double-ended lanyard. You can take time and evaluate it properly, as it will help eliminate these issues later on.

The Right Font Picking Activity

It is a potential mistake that people tend to take while making a badge. It would help if you understood that the font that looks pretty and works on paper may or may not work on the badge. Hence, you should pick a font that is neither too big nor too small. You will not want your guests to dig near the badge so that they can read the information on it.

You can see some sample badges and choose a readable font from a distance without issues. However, it should not be too loud as it can look odd.

What About The People With Long Names


It is another potential mistake that many people tend to make while selecting the font and badge size. You have different employees with different names. Some names are small, while others can be big. Hence, the art of eliminating this risk is choosing a midway that works for everyone.

Information To Add

You have to choose the badge size based on the kind of information that you want to add to your badge. For example, if you want to add the designation of the person, their department, their reporting manager, or their title, you have to go for a bigger badge. However, if you wish to add their name, you can choose a smaller badge, which can be rectangular, followed by a small design, logo, or color.

However, it is recommended that you add the person’s job title so that people working in the same department or at the same level can coordinate and render the best functions or services as demanded by the customers.

Colors And Patterns

Colors and patterns are valuable tools for adding a tinge of differentiation to the badges. Many people suggest you to only go for plain or black-and-white designs because they are cheaper. However, you should not forget that if you want to add efficiency, you should play with colors and patterns. The idea is not to go anywhere over the top, but a little creativity will not harm you or anyone.


If you make badges for people to wear at conferences, you can add barcodes or QR codes. Once you add them, you can further enhance efficiency by ensuring they are scannable even if a plastic sheet covers them.

You can test them using a scanner or your smartphone’s camera before distributing them to avoid any unnecessary delay or havoc.

Badge Material

People use these badges for different purposes, so they should be made of durable material. It is important when a badge is to be worn every day. There is no use if you use a degraded quality badge that needs a replacement every 3-4 months.

The best pick for you is to use heavy vinyl, which can last many days. However, you can choose other budget-friendly alternatives if the badges are used for small events.

Bulk Order, Size, And Other Details


When a sample is ready, you can try it or seek any employee’s help. Also, a money-saving tip for you is that when you are satisfied with the use, you can order the badges in bulk, which will be beneficial. Also, the people making these badges for you should have experience in the same, and you should keep a check on the work midway so there are no misunderstandings or confusion later on.


If you move down memory lane, you will remember the use of similar tags in school, which were not only of the name but also of the duties assigned to you, like the monitor and house-in charges. Similarly, name badges have much to offer than just serving the other person with your name. But, you have to ditch the ordinary and create something creative so that you and the people wearing them love every bit of it.