How Does a Lead Distribution Engine Supercharge the Effectiveness of Your Salespeople?

Every business’s goal is to grow and establish itself as a brand, regardless of the industry and product or service some company offers. Now, in order to get to this point, much work and planning are needed, especially if you don’t have enough experience or starting from scratch. There are several aspects to think about here, and, like with most things in life, some of them are more important, but in the end, it is a mix of good judgment, great product/service, marketing, and of course, personnel.

The Importance of Advertising


We live in an age where every info is just a few clicks away from us, and companies use that accessibility to establish themselves on the market, as the only way to reach as many potential clients is by being present and noticeable. In order to better describe how important this is, regardless of how great your product or service is, it would be all be for nothing if no one knows about it, which is why having a great marketing plan and strategy are a must.

As for other aspects, well, one thing that most people often forget about or don’t focus enough on is lead distribution, which is of tremendous importance sales-wise. One of the main problems here is not understanding what lead distribution is, its role, and how it can improve overall efficiency, ergo overall profits. So, in order to get to the bottom of it so that everyone will fully understand how a lead distribution engine supercharges the effectiveness of your salespeople, let’s get into more details.

What Is a Lead Distribution Engine?

Having the right information is important, but it is only the beginning. Namely, having the right info at the precise moment can be a determinative point on whether the business will grow or not, and if so, how rapidly. Now, don’t let this confuse you, as lead distribution is not just about assigning leads to sales reps. It is more about assigning them to the right sales rep. It basically means that it’s used to match the lead with the employee that has the best chances of closing a deal, and since that’s the case, it increases the overall effectiveness.

As for the leads, they are all different, and those who worked with people are fully aware of how one strategy or approach might work on some people, but sticking to just that one approach will actually do much more harm in the long run. That is why sales reps are always trying to get to the essence of what clients really want and the way they think, as it is the only way to determine which strategy will work and what clients are really after, which is also what separates good sales reps from average ones. Understandably, with lead distribution, all of that gets much easier as the leads are already matched with the best possible option/salesman.

It Helps You Close Big Deals


Now when we know more about what it is and how it works, we can get to the main point, which is about improving overall efficiency and closed deal percentage. Namely, no manager or business owner in the world would rather go or even let an inexperienced employee with less than a year of experience, for example, handle some potential big sales. That’s exactly where lead distribution steps in, as it prevents this from happening by matching those leads with the right person-more experienced one. It’s all about confidence and communication, mixed with a pinch of intuition, but all these qualities, regardless of how chatty or social some person is, only come with experience.

How Is It Done?

The system is actually pretty simple, and by gathering enough info on clients and their preferences, you get to the point where you get data about those clients, who they are, where they live, what they are looking for, and how much they want to spend. Every piece of info is a lead on its own, but when you have multiple leads about some potential client, you get more accurate data about that client and better understand their needs, which is what it is all about. Besides that, if there is not enough info or if there are not enough details in those leads, you can always add surveys or some type of questionnaires to collect more information. Only when there is enough gathered info the software distributes certain leads to certain sale reps, based on the criteria you have appointed.

How to Select the Right Criteria?


To avoid a situation where some of your employees are under so much pressure due to having too much work while others don’t have enough leads, you need to pick the right criteria. Yes, we all want the best employees in charge, but placing too much work will not just tire them, it will also affect your overall number of sales, as with time, those employees will not contribute as much as they can simply because they are overcrowded. That is why picking a system based on the principle of round-robin one can be of great help, and the only thing needed is to have enough sales reps so that every potentially big lead gets to the right employee. Following these rules will reduce the strain placed on your sales reps and prevent fatigue.

To Summarize

After reading everything mentioned above, hopefully, it’s much clearer what a lead distribution engine is and how it works, as by understanding that, it will also get much clearer how it can improve the effectiveness of your salespeople. The main goal is to increase productivity and closed deals percentage, and with a lead distribution engine, you get precisely that, which is why more and more companies are going with this strategy. Of course, it’s also about picking the right engine, and what you seek is the gold standard in the automated lead processing industry, just like the one at What separates them from the rest is that not only that they have proven results, but their software is also pretty easy to use and customize to meet your goals and preferences.