How E-Commerce Technology Is Helping the Marijuana Industry in 2024

E-commerce has been growing tremendously ever since people found out all the benefits it brings to their lives. From only an option, it almost turned into a necessity, as a powerful and useful tool for various needs of people. Unlike traditional retail, e-commerce managed to survive and thrive even during the toughest times. One of those times was last year’s pandemic. It was a milestone in the business world and the quality of shopping in general. Many retail shops closed their doors and transitioned to internet selling. While traditional retail experienced serious struggles, selling and buying over the internet has never stopped!

Among all the products and services that can be found in an endless, limitless pool of digital shopping, almost every industry that has invested in e-commerce, has seen a significant increase in sales. Not only there are no geographical limits as in the traditional, brick and mortar retailers, but there are also more options for people to showcase what they offer in a much interesting, professional and engaging way. Not to mention the benefits of the delivery services. But, what industries have benefited the most from e-commerce growth in popularity? If we put aside industries such as real estate and online gambling, the winner would definitely be – the cannabis or marijuana industry!

Everything you imagine, can become reality

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Although unimaginable until recently, it seems like everything is finally falling into place, when it comes to the marijuana industry. Not only was it legalized in many states in the US, but even the whole countries such as Canada showed a friendly, smart and open approach to purchasing and consuming marijuana, both for medical and recreational purposes. What used to be prohibited in the past, is slowly becoming a part of our everyday life. But this is the exact moment when technology has helped to go a few steps further.

Since there are several states or, in case of Canada – the whole country – where marijuana is legalized, that environment has encouraged cannabis-related businesses and companies to actually indulge in the virtual world, and start taking advantage of the e-commerce system. The E-commerce system, on the other hand, has brought numerous benefits to the cannabis industry by allowing people to purchase any product they want to try, with just a few clicks and some basic ID information. This was quite revolutionary, since the only way to get any cannabis product in the past, included certain amounts of risk, finding a person to purchase it from, and finally, having to deal with legal consequences.

The big merge of e-commerce and marijuana

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Thanks to the slow but steady pace towards legalization in numerous regions, there are more and more companies every day that are open to collaborating with the cannabis industry. Now, marijuana products are being advertised, and offered online, which is a new thing for all the people who have had to purchase them by going into one of the brick and mortar dispensaries, available in their city.

As a result, the demand for these products has rapidly increased, which includes not only cannabis flowers, but the other products as well – edibles, oils, vape pens, and concentrates. With such high levels of demand, the manufacturers developed and implemented the delivery service, which made the whole experience even more convenient for the customers. This also includes erasing the geographical borders, allowing the cannabis companies to ship their products to faraway areas, providing people with easy access to marijuana, which is especially important if there is a medical necessity for it.

How does e-commerce technology help the marijuana industry grow and function?

As in every other field, the internet has allowed thousands of businesses to evolve from only small, local retailers to much more serious, worldwide known brands. The same goes for marijuana, except for the fact that there was no or only a little competition on the market. Today, marijuana e-commerce industry can be measured in billions of dollars, and is an extremely competitive place, where numerous companies fight for supremacy.

Here are the top 3 ways e-commerce changed the marijuana game:

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Although cannabis still isn’t legal in the rest of the world, countries where it is legal, such as Canada have been a fantastic starting point for all the aspects of branding – which, of course, includes marketing. Local dispensaries were known to their customers only, while going online, they widened their visibility to a global level.

Or at least, the state level. The collaboration between the marketing industry and the cannabis industry was inevitable, since it’s the only way to become a strong brand on the market. Advertisements, professional websites, social media, all of that works in favor of both online selling and buying and cannabis popularity. If you see a Facebook ad which offers some cool gummies, you wouldn’t mind trying them, right?


As mentioned before, it’s never been easier to get the products you want, with just a few clicks on your phone or your laptop. Similar to buying a pair of shoes or a new collar for your dog, you can now enter the online catalogues and compare the prices, quality, even freshness of the products available.

Pay with your credit card or via PayPal and receive the delivery in just a few days. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything, and you will always be able to enjoy the freedom and the convenience of purchase and consumption of cannabis. Read more about all the fantastic products that can be found online.


Thanks to the merge between the e-commerce system and marijuana businesses, everything became more transparent than it used to be. Today, you can find all the essential information you need, along with the reviews and other people’s experiences.

Websites actively work on their user experience and do everything they can to attract and engage their potential customers, providing them with high-quality products. In a wide variety of options, you will be able to select the renowned companies and their websites, thanks to the info they provide, whether it’s where they get their marijuana from, or how much of what you can consume. Still, this market is continually expanding its popularity, which means that the best is yet to come. We just need to sit down, relax, and see what the future brings.