Escape From Tarkov Basics – Farming, Shooting, Making Money For Beginners

Escape from Tarkov is presented by the developers as a military simulator with elements of the royal battle. This means that you must survive and adapt in the world and start with a minimum set of weapons and equipment – you will have to find everything on your own surrounded by enemies.


At the start of the game, you must choose your side to represent in the conflict in Tarkov.

This could be PMC Terra, or PMC Bear – in fact, special forces soldiers of Russia and America are fighting in the conflict, unofficially represented through private military companies.

Your choice will be based on personal and visual preferences and comforts, as PMCs have no practical differences between them. They wear different uniforms according to the NATO or Russian standard. They speak English and Russian regardless of the selected settings in the game options and use weapons branded for their countries – AK and SCAR.

Looting equipment and weapons

Having created your character, you will have basic equipment from the selected side, but you will have to strengthen yourself.

To do this, you have to go on combat sorties and get equipment, weapons, ammunition and accessories for weapons.

Ways to get equipment in Escape from Tarkov:

  1. Raids
  2. Combat sorties
  3. Trade with local buyers


Special combat zones, where the best weapons, ammunition, equipment and accessories for weapons are mined.

For example, a raid laboratory can qualitatively improve the combat power of your character in a couple of visits, but for this you need to use special cards to open caches.

Cards are a huge rarity and scarcity in the world of Tarkov due to the low chance of being in territories, but there are two ways to increase your chances:

  • Buy a laboratory card from other players.
  • Buy labs keycards on a special website as this
  • Professional Skycoach players will take you to the raid and are guaranteed to hand over the map and tell you how to save it – put it in a special case in which things are not lost upon death and die in a raid. Now, the next time during the assault on the laboratory, you can get much more valuable equipment and weapons than without using special cards.

Combat sorties

You go to special territories, in which there will be no mini-map and you will have to focus on physical objects.

You will find abandoned ammunition, weapons, equipment of soldiers killed in battle.

You need to be especially careful – there are a lot of enemies around. Bandits and representatives of the enemy PMC. If the first opponents are controlled by the game system and have weak weapons and bad ammunition and are dangerous more in quantity than quality, then PMCs can be dangerous.

If you die in battle, you will lose all equipment, weapons, ammo and medicines that were equipped on your character.

You can reduce the risk of losing accumulated values simply by renting a wild character – a unique unit that is neutral with bandits and has its own equipment, which is in no way connected with yours. In case of death on such a character, you will simply lose everything that you managed to collect during the outing. To transfer everything collected to the main character, you need to have time to leave the combat zone before the end of the rental period. Minus the wild in very bad and random equipment.

Trade with local buyers


There is a whole faction of merchants in Escape of Tarkov who can buy or sell equipment depending on the direction of the activity of a particular NPC.

Try to collect everything that can fit in your inventory during raids and combat sorties, but do not overdo it by sacrificing movement speed and the need to spend time clearing your inventory to select more valuable loot – you can die during the analysis of loot and sorting through inventory. Leave this until you arrive in the safe area.

To increase the level of trust with each NPC, you need to fulfill their orders, constantly interact and trade with them and not violate the game rules by playing on a wild character.

Do not shoot at other wild characters, otherwise you will lower your level of loyalty and bandits who remain neutral can become aggressive towards you, which will greatly complicate the farming process – the equipment of the wild one is of poor quality anyway, and you will often die, wasting precious time.

If, while playing as a savage, you manage to kill a PMC, your rating will be increased and this will lead to an improvement in the basic equipment that will be issued with a new savage and extend the lease period. The best part is the ability to buy other players’ equipment from merchants, which was irretrievably lost during combat sorties and raids.

Please note that not all NPCs work specifically with equipment, weapons and ammunition.

For example, the nurse is the only NPC who can buy interior trinkets and apartment decorations.

But first of all, of course, she is a seller of many medicines – bandages and first-aid kits that will save your life in battle if you are wounded. Sometimes stopping the blood is more important than defeating the enemy in combat.

Sell all unnecessary items obtained in raids, and try to carry as much as possible of everything that you can get. Priority, of course, to weapons, ammunition and equipment, weapons accessories, then medicines, and only then items for decorating interiors.