Fix Ipad is Disabled Connect to iTunes Error – 2024 Guide

Hello people, Howz you all today, Today’s article is not only for those who are just only iPad lovers and fascinated by iPad and iTunes. Well, this column is for all the people who are facing few basic but irritating problems. And it’s needless to say and of course, you are here that means you know what is the reason behind this article. A very well known problem Ipad is disabled connect to iTunes.

Well for who still have doubt that I am getting your problem or not. So let me confirm you that, The reason behind this article is to show you how you guys can fix the famous iPad problem known as ‘Ipad is disabled connect to iTunes.

Well, In nowadays iPad is not that much new or rare for all the people like it was before. But this problem we are picking up today is still headache for all the users whether they are new or old. As I was getting continues request from all the readers that they all are having the same problem with their iPad.

So today I am going to discuss and about to give you a solution to this problem note known as Ipad is disabled connect to iTunes. stay connected and move to bottom for further details.
Ipad is disabled connect to iTunes

Ipad Is Disabled Connect To iTunes

The very first question always rose in our mind after saw this note on our pc, Why this irritating error happens. Basically, Ipad comes with easy to use user system and heavy security system built into it. As other security systems, This one also allows you to set the passcode to access. Yes, you heard it right. Let’s move down and know more about it.

Basically, if anyone wants to use your iPad, he needs to enter the right code, so simple. you can say what the difference we all know that yes. But do you know what will happen if you enter the wrong code? iPad’s security system is designed to give you the best security with your products. Let’s see what will happen after entering the wrong passkey.

If someone enters the wrong passcode more than six times then the iPad will lock itself. In order to open the iPad after this mess, the user needs to go through the unlocking process. The unlocking process can erase your all the data but you can get them back with the help of backup.

Synced With iTunes

Pheew… So finally the solution is here, Syncing with iTunes is one of the most appropriate solutions for this problem. we all know how iTunes charm our listening experience in our apple products. so when it comes to unlocking the iPad, Itune is there for you. So let’s move down and know how iTunes works in solving the error Known as iPad disabled connect to iTunes.

In order to unlock the iPad with the help of iTunes, you need to connect your iPad to your computer with the help of USB or lighting cable. Now you need to right click on the devices icon in the sidebar when it appears in iTunes sidebar, now click on the backup option in the menu.

In case if you don’t see the side-bar option, then you can easily bring it up by just pressing ctrl-S buttons. After selecting a backup option, wait for the backup process to get done. Now you need to select the restore option to complete the task. In case if your iTunes ask for your device’s passcode then try it with another pc which you have synced it before.  if it doesn’t work than you can choose the process for iPads which have never been synced.

As we all know that there is always a way for everything If your first way isn’t working then this one surely help you to get the job done. Now let’s move down to know the other way.
Ipad is disabled connect to iTunes

First Time Itunes Synchronization

First one is not working with you, now what? You should not lose the hope. If your iPad has never been synced with iTunes than also you are able to open your iPad with the help of iTunes. This processor is also helpful to restore the iPad if iTunes request for passcode of the device. So let’s see how it works to fix our problem.

In order to fix your problem, you need to leave your iPad sync cable plugged into your computer but not connected to your iPad dock or lightning connector. Hold down the sleep/wake button for few seconds on your iPad until the red slider appears. Slide it to shut down the iPad. You need to hold down the Ipad’s home button until you see a screen that says connect to iTunes.

Now you can see at this point that your computer will let you know that it is connected to iPad in recovery mode. So now you need to click the okay button on your computer and then you need to click the restore button to restore the device and eliminate the passcode.

So that was the second way to fix the error known as Ipad is disabled connect to iTunes.
Ipad is disabled connect to iTunes

The bottom line

As I told you above that I am here to give you the best solution to get rid of this error. All you need to do now is just follow one of the ways either first one or second to get the job done. Well as we all know that this problem is not rare and uncommon so you can easily find the solution which can help you. And by the help of the above discussion and solution, you can easily solve the problem known as Ipad is disabled connect to iTunes.

So finally we are here, alright fellas as it is needless to say that as always we gave you the perfect and best ways to solve all the problem related to your Apple products. So you should stay connected to us for lots of knowledge and better solutions for your mac and other apple’s product. Thank you.