Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working Problem [4 Methods] – 2024 Guide

Its really frustrating when suddenly your iPhone home button stops working!It doesn’t matter how much we try to keep our iPhone safe but still there’s a chance we might affect our home button by normal wear and tear. Well you Don’t  have to panic this issue is reported in many iPhone models like iPhone 4, iPhone 5,iPhone 6 & iPhone 7 as well. So this article is all about How to Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working issue.

Well so many questions arises in our brain when we face this kind of situation,Whether Is there any software issues due to which my home button is not responding?

Is my iPhone Home Button permanently broken?

Is there a fix for iPhone Home Button Not working problem? How much cost I have to pay to fix my home button?

You Don’t have to worry anymore in this article II will answer all your questions.

Causes of iPhone Home button Not working issue

Well actually there are Two main causes due to which your home button stop working or either stop functioning properly.

  • Software Problem
  • Hardware Problem

Software Problems

These problems generally occurs in the case when your iPhone stop responding properly when you press the Home Button.

This type of problem is mostly reported in iPhone 6 and previous versions including iPhone 5, iPhone 4. This type of problem arises when your iPhone’s software gets corrupted or overloaded. Sometimes process in background of your iPhone crashes which also affects the functionality of Home button.

Hardware Problems

These types of problems generally arises due to wear and tear. Since in some cases we use our iPhone in dusty and dirty environment due to which its sensitivity gets decreased.

This issue mostly affects pre-Touch ID iPhones (iPhone 5 and earlier) more than the current models. Further there might be a possibility  that One of the cables that connects the Home button to the logic board is damaged.

Hardware problem can also arise when accidentally your iPhone gets wet which results in damaging one of the home button cables or connectors.

How to fix unresponsive iPhone home button?

Well if you go to apple store Apple employees will always say that your home button is broken.

Of course they are there to earn money from you!! If your iPhone is still under warranty than you can quickly  head on over to apple store and get your iPhone’s home button fixed.

If your iPhone is out of warranty I would recommend you to check  for damage first, then troubleshoot the software, and then repair the hardware if it was necessary.

How can you figure whether it is hardware or software problem?

Click the Home button on all the side top, bottom, far left, far right. Try all the corners. If it only works in some locations like on the top but not on the bottom, you definitely have a hardware problem.

Also check inside your charging port and headphone jack is there any physical damage or corrosion. It might be possible that your iPhone got wet. If you notice any physical or liquid damage then i am sure it is an Hardware Problem.

If you notice that your iPhone working very slow and apps are crashing after you updated to latest version of ios then a “Software Problem” may be the reason why home button of your iPhone is not working or of any other model is not working. Home button issue was mostly reported by iPhone 6 users. Most of the time this issue was arising due to software problems.

How to fix iPhone Home button Not working issue

If there is no physical damage or hardware damage than you can try out these solutions which will surely help you to resolve your home button issue.You can try out these methods to fix iPhone home button not working problem.


If you are lucky enough that your home button is not responding due to software glitch than you can calibrate your home button.

  • Open clock or any other stock apps
  • Hold down sleep button
  • When “Slide to power off” appears on your screen leave the sleep button and hold the home button
  • after 10-15 seconds your app will close.

If this solved your problem, then congratulation you’ve fixed your iPhone. If not than try restoring your iPhone before continuing to the second method.

2.Align the docking port

There might be a chance that we must have misaligned docking port. If  you go to apple store they will suggest you to replace home button but you can try this solution.

  • Plug a USB cable into your iPhone
  • gently push down on the 30-pin connector, so that it pushes up behind the home button
  • Apply pressure on it and click home button at same time
  • remove cable and check if that fixed your problem.

3.Clean home button

Sometimes we stick our dirty hands on our iPhone or keep it in a hand bag or pocket where dust and dirt maybe present.Any of these can damage your iPhone’s home button.To fix it-

  • Buy isopropyl alcohol from any nearby hardware store
  • Using eye dropper or tissue paper drop 3-4 drops of isopropyl alcohol on home button
  • Then use objects like eraser or pencil’s back and tap repeatedly on home button so that alcohol can seep into the frame
  • clean and wait 10-15 min and check if that worked for you.

4. Use On-screen Home button

If home button stop functioning we get into a big trouble that we cannot exit any app or return into the home screen. We basically get stuck inside a particular application. Fortunately Apple provides a special feature in settings i.e, Assistive Touch . Assistive touch basically allows you to add a virtual Home button to your iPhone’s display.

You can enable it by following these steps:-

  • Step 1- Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch

  • Step 2 –  tap the switch next to Assistive Touch to turn it on.

  • Step 3 – To use home button tap on Assistive touch button on screen and after that tap on home.

This is not the permanent solution but you can use this method as a temporary solution.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace My iPhone Home Button?

So if finally none of the method worked for you and if your are not satisfied with on screen home button this would be the first question which will arise in your mind. How much it will cost me to get my home button replaced or fixed?

If you’re within your one-year Apple Care warranty, Apple will charge you $79.00 to repair your broken home button. If your Apple Care warranty has expired, expect to pay approximately $200.00 for all iPhone 6/6 Plus home button repairs.

If paying $200.00 is not in your budget to repair your broken home button, Some services like iFixandRepair are charging $70.00, and Genius Phone Repair is quoted at $104.99 to fix an iPhone 6/6 Plus home button . Or you can find some local shops in market which replace your home button for around 50$.

Well that’s all I could help you with!! I hope you’ve been able to repair your Home button at home, but if you haven’t, I’d like to hear about which repair option you chose in the comments section below.