How to Get More Instagram Followers Organically

Most companies today use social media, and for most, Instagram is the finest platform for connecting with customers and prospects. Because this visual platform attracts some of the most active social media users, brands can use it to increase engagement more effectively than other social networks, which is important for businesses.

For everyday people, it’s also a popular place to research companies, products, and services. In fact, many decide whether to make a purchase based on the company’s Instagram account. This choice is influenced by the content, other customers’ opinions, their followers’ reactions to posts, and other factors.

Organic traffic is vital if you want to boost sales, cultivate customer loyalty, create a community around your brand, and enhance overall performance with Instagram. But without a proper strategy, you may end up working much harder and without results.

Focus on Your Engagement Rate


Companies are always trying to figure out how to increase their Instagram following because more followers mean more customers. But this isn’t accurate. While having a lot of followers is significant, other factors may have a much stronger impact on your sales.

Fixated on this figure, brands try different tools, services, and tactics to increase this number. However, engagement rate is a much more crucial metric on Instagram. That’s why you should focus on building strategies to attract real Instagram followers. These are active users who can interact with you, create content, give their feedback, bring you new followers, and, most importantly, be your customers.

Identify Your Target Audience

You must first determine who your ideal client is before trying to establish your goals, select any tactics, and develop your Instagram strategy. This will also serve you as guidance when choosing the type of content you ought to produce and distribute, other channels you should use, and so on.

Additionally, just like other social media platforms, Instagram enables companies to target specific users that meet pre-established criteria. This means that it will help you create effective ads and target the right Internet users based on their gender, age, location, language, online behavior, etc. Thanks to the powerful Instagram algorithm your ads will end up on the feeds of the right people.

Create Eye-Catching Content


People opt to follow brands that offer additional value, besides promotional content. To attract followers organically, it’s key that your target audience finds the content you produce valuable. To achieve this, you shouldn’t just focus on increasing sales; instead, strive to build a genuine community and a deep connection with your audience.

Use your content to humanize your brand by showing your audience who you are, introducing them to your staff, sharing personal anecdotes, etc. The images and videos should be of the highest quality, and visually pleasing and the information they contain should be educational, motivating, enjoyable, entertaining, funny, or otherwise valuable to the right people.

Content is key when it comes to any kind of digital marketing. Instagram is a visual platform, and the most powerful content is found in the form of photographs, videos, infographics, and other visual media. This is one of the reasons why this platform has become such a powerful tool for businesses.

Work With Influencers

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for increasing organic traffic and quality followers to your Instagram account, as well as your website or online store. People who have decided to truly follow an influencer, most likely trust their opinions and recommendations. So, if some of your ideal customers are among their followers, you may gain new followers and new customers thanks to this collaboration.

This is why selecting the appropriate influencer for your business is crucial. Verify that they are in the same or a related niche, reflect your values and ideals, and, most importantly, that their audience is genuine and not made up of fake followers. Learn more about this on IGInstant.

Cross-Promote Your Instagram Account


There isn’t a doubt that Instagram is a favorite marketing channel for many businesses around the world. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t limit your entire social media marketing plan to this network. Other social media networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, etc., can also be very useful for your company. And, they can be an excellent way to attract new users to your Instagram account and gain more followers.

Most people today are on several social media platforms, and they may find your brand on other platforms first. You can include your Instagram URL in your about us or bio sections on other social media or promote your account in some other way.


If you use these techniques, it’s much more likely that the right Instagram users will find you organically. Organic followers are what will make your Instagram account one of the most important assets for your company so that you can get more Instagram followers from iDigic.