5 Gmail Hacks To Create an Efficient Workplace

Gmail can be a powerful tool for managing your workflow, but like all things, it takes some getting used to. This post will give you five Gmail hacks to make it work better for you. From customizable keyboard shortcuts to creating filters and labels, we’ve got you covered. So read on and start becoming more productive with Gmail today.

1. Unsend An Email

When it comes to ensuring workplace efficiency, one of the Gmail hacks at your disposal is the ability to unsend emails. This simple feature can be incredibly useful in a business setting where mistakes or changes in plans need to be corrected quickly. Unsending an email allows you to recall it moments after sending it, preventing it from reaching its destination. This eliminates any confusion that may arise from conflicting messages or changed plans which can cost businesses valuable time and resources.

2. Filter Your Emails

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Filtering emails is one of the Gmail hacks users can take advantage of to maximize their productivity. It involves setting up filters that categorize incoming emails based on specific criteria, such as particular words or phrases in the body of the email or sender information. This method of organization allows users to place emails into different folders and labels based on content, sorting their inboxes efficiently and knowing which tasks require immediate attention.

3. Default “Reply All”

This feature allows users to select which emails should have one-off replies versus those that will get a blanket response to all recipients. This Gmail hack can reduce the time spent addressing several copies of an email. The “Reply All” button also eliminates the risk of accidentally leaving anyone out in a long thread and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding knowledge and actionable steps they need to take.

4. Get Desktop Notifications Only For Important Emails

Desktop notifications can be especially effective in keeping you informed of important emails. You can customize Gmail so only certain emails generate desktop notifications or alerts, such as those from VIP contacts, newsletters, or deadlines-related messages. By tweaking Gmail’s settings this way, you won’t be inundated with mail and voicemails that distract you; instead, you’ll boost your productivity.

5. Keep Your Inbox Tidy With Send And Archive

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Lastly, Gmail hacks, such as tidying your inbox with “send” and “archive,” can go a long way in making it easier to stay on top of things. The real crux of this Gmail hack is to archive emails after sending them so that your inbox remains organized and your most important conversations don’t get lost in the sea of emails. This process ensures that you won’t be searching endlessly for an old email and will have everything quickly accessible at a glance.

Start With These Gmail Hacks To Create An Efficient Workplace

If you take advantage of these five Gmail hacks, you should see an increase in your efficiency at work. From Gmail shortcuts to utilizing notifications more effectively, there are a variety of ways that you can make your workplace run more smoothly. Thanks for reading.