Best Shopify Marketing Tools to Grow Your Small Business in 2024

Shopify is amazing for running a business. Besides a wide range of core features, it boasts an impressive number of quality applications in its app store, designed to strengthen your marketing and sales strategy without zapping much of your time and budget.

We’ve curated a list of Shopify marketing tools that are ideal for small business owners, as these tools are either free or available at low cost. Although this list is not a comprehensive one — as every business is unique and has different marketing strategies and ways to bring them to life — we are sure the application will take your brand up a notch.

Webtex Product Reviews

Do you showcase your product reviews?

If not, you should start doing it as soon as possible. If yes, good job! (But how effectively do you do that?)

Reviews are vital. They benefit your brand’s loyalty and influence SEO and the customers’ purchasing decisions.

Thus, testimonials should be well-visualized and showcased across many of your site pages.

Besides, it’s vital to grow the number of user-generated content on your site continually, as 22% of the shoppers expect a product to have from 51 to 100 reviews, according to Statista.

The Webtex free Shopify app has it all to help you improve how reviews are displayed, managed, and collected on your site.

The features include but are not limited to the following:

  • The ability for the customer to choose from different review layout options
  • Displaying feedback summary and star ratings
  • The ability for the buyers to attach images and videos
  • Starting email automation to send review requests and thank you emails for writing a review
  • Availability of numerous review widgets to display testimonials anywhere on your site
  • Product review rich snippets and more

BOGO, Free Gift, and Flash Sale by WizzCommerce


The ultimate goal of any business is to increase the average order value. There are multiple ways to achieve that, and “buy one get one”, free gifts, and flash sales are one of them.

With a free plan available (and a maximum app cost of $19.95 per month), this solution does not also require you to invest much of the budget to launch and test the effectiveness of such campaigns for your business.

The app offers the following toolbelt:

  • Adding gifts to the cart automatically based on the set conditions
  • Displaying promotion banners on the storefront
  • Launching and managing discount campaigns
  • Running “Buy X get Y” campaigns
  • Setting up conditions-based discounts
  • Adding the discount badge to products
  • Displaying a popup with discounts
  • Setting a countdown timer for your campaigns to trigger the fear of missing out
  • Tracking the most vital analytics metrics

Free Shipping & Promo Bars by Mageworx

Shipping and order delivery are one of the primary reasons for cart abandonment. Additionally, hidden shipping costs can dent your brand’s reputation and harm customer loyalty.

Free shipping can be a competitive advantage or a part of your marketing campaign too.

The free application offers you to influence the shoppers’ purchase decisions and affect their decision-making using motivation bars, i.e.:

  • Free shipping
  • Free gifts
  • Any freebie of your choice

Distinctly, the application allows setting a host of rules that trigger the display of motivation bars. It brings much-needed flexibility when crafting your sales campaigns.

Let’s break it down with an example:

You are willing to offer free shipping only to customers who spend $100 in your store. You can choose to display the bar to the shoppers to encourage them to spend more and qualify for free shipping.

Or, the shopper is hesitant about completing a purchase. A freebie could help change their mind.

With the app’s customization opportunities, not only will you make your site more effective but do it professionally thanks to the design customization possibilities the app comes with, which include:

  • Bar position
  • Background color
  • Custom buttons
  • Bar borders
  • Add motion effects and more

Besides, this app also comes free, and it will cost you nothing to give it a try.


The Power of Digital Tools in the Modern Era

The digital trifecta of technology, marketing tools, and the Internet has dynamically transformed the small business landscape. They have catapulted these enterprises into a new epoch of possibilities and efficient operations, effectively leveling the playing field against larger counterparts.

Technology has dramatically restructured business operations, driving efficiency and eliminating mundane tasks. It enables small businesses to manage their inventory, analyze business data, and understand customer behavior effectively. The digital revolution has empowered them with agility and innovation, breaking the shackles of size.

The arrival of digital marketing tools marks a new dawn in audience engagement. Affordable and potent channels like social media, email marketing, SEO, and content marketing are now within small businesses’ grasp. These tools enhance visibility, build customer loyalty, and craft compelling narratives that resonate with the target audience.

The Internet, and outlets such as Spectrum Internet, have globalized the marketplace, allowing businesses to transcend geographical limitations. E-commerce platforms and digital payment gateways make it effortless for businesses to cater to a global audience. Additionally, online reviews and social proof influence consumer decisions and foster transparency.

Furthermore, the Internet enables remote collaboration and talent acquisition from across the globe. It ensured business continuity during disruptions, as evident during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Technology, marketing tools, and the Internet have revolutionized the way small businesses function. They’ve armed these enterprises with resources to innovate, grow, and thrive in the cut-throat business environment. This digital transformation allows small businesses to overcome traditional hurdles and establish unique propositions in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Hence, we witness a radical shift in the small business ecosystem, where digital tools not only empower but also ensure resilience and adaptability in an ever-evolving world


Experimenting with and testing your marketing efforts are vital to see what instruments work the best for your store and bring KPIs to the next level or you can use some of the best reviews platform for eCommerce to help you improve.

Luckily, the Shopify App Store has applications with zero or low starting budgets to help you get started. Nonetheless, we’d recommend carefully researching your chosen apps to avoid hidden or unexpected costs and expenses.

Now that you know some Shopify apps that can improve your marketing efforts, choose and focus on an area you’d like to modify and improve the most.