How Does the Digital Door Lock Work?

We live in a marvelous era. Technology is reaching new levels each day. Its appliance to all spheres of our lives is immeasurable. One of the downfalls of living in a highly developed society is the lack of safety and security we’re feeling. The reason is the development of the internet, smartphones, and social media networks so bad news reaches us fast. Feeling insecure is fine, but doing nothing about it is not. So, have you given any idea as to how could you possibly make yourself feel safer today than you were tomorrow?

One of the best ways to feel safe inside your own home is to have high-quality locks. We are talking about the new kind – the digital ones. Have you heard about digital door locks? If you haven’t this is an ideal way to tell you a little bit about how they operate and what the keypad door knob is for example. The best way to get familiar with them is if we tell you how the digital door lock work. This article will try to explain that in a few short lines.

What Are Digital Door Locks?


On one side we have standard doors that operate via one key. The new tech allows you to control your doors via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, keypad door knob, and even your phone. What makes them better and different is that they don’t rely on one physical key. This is what makes your home more secure and only available to you. Some types of digital locks can be accessed remotely which means you can allow anyone inside your home without you even being there. If you’re often away from home, having a lock of this type can do wonders for your safety and security. This system doesn’t revolve around keys, but instead, it focuses on a physical keypad in some cases, while in others it works on a fingerprint, a password, or a third means to access your premises.

How Does it Work?


This is where matters get interesting. Technology is staggering, and each day we must witness it and view it in awe. In its essence, a smart lock is quite similar to the standard one. A latch and a bolt are there and operate in the same manner as any lock and any door. It connects the door and the door frame when locked and thus prevents anyone without a key from entering. But, the standard system is not controlled by the physical motion of the key and the knob. Instead, it’s operated by a battery which sends an electronic impulse through the system when an action is required. In most doors that have digital locks installed, there’s a motor that moves the system. It reacts to input from either your smartphone, fingertip or by pressing the numbers on a keypad. Once you get used to this system, you won’t be able to live without it. In addition to providing extra safety and security, it’s quite fun to use and gives you a plethora of options a standard door and lock could never.