How to Build a Telegram Business and Add More Subscribers

How to create a business in Telegram and increase subscribers and views of the channel and group? There are several ways.

How to promote your business on Telegram and increase your subscribers

It is not easy to promote in Telegram. But an internet marketer will find many new tools and opportunities for promotion in it. We tell you how to use Telegram for business.

The advertising market is crowded. Marketers are looking for new channels to promote, trying to catch trends and differentiate themselves from their competitors. If you have the same – pay attention to longer, more complicated, but interesting ways of promotion. One such channel is the messenger Telegram.

Telegram is a free application for instant messaging. It is also used to share photos, videos and music. The messenger is actively developing, as it has features that WhatsApp and Viber do not have.

In Russia, the app’s audience has grown threefold over the last year. According to the Combot service, Telegram has about 8 million active users in Russia. At the end of June, Telegram became the most popular app in the Russian AppStore. The main competitor, WhatsApp, is still a long way away, but Telegram is attractive in other ways. For example, only here will you create bots, a channel and a chat.

Here’s another option to increase targeted actions in your Telegram channel and group: Provider will help you get views, subscribers, and likes. Instagram, YouTube Channel, and Tik Tok can purchase these services without limit.

Features of Telegram

Telegram has no advertising in our usual sense. This is the official policy of the creators of the company. Telegram attracts a huge number of people who are tired of spam in other messengers. It is suitable if your potential audience are people who follow Internet trends and do not accept old-fashioned intrusive advertising.

Promotion in Telegram will not give an instant increase in sales and will not increase the conversion of the site by 100%. There are no familiar tools for this: no banners, no online store, and content is not indexed by search engines. This channel works to engage and retain customers.

Why do people come to Telegram? Not only for communication and stickers, although they come for those too:). Interesting, author-generated content is shared here.

Telegram channels are becoming a profitable business. In the summer of 2017, the entire marketing market discussed the sale of the comedy channel “Ex,” which its creator comedian Arthur Chaparyan sold for 1.2 million rubles. In the same month, the new owner sold the channel for 5.5 million rubles. Prior to this case, no one would have imagined that the author’s channel itself could generate such profits.

What Telegram formats to use



Companies use Telegram to contact customers, process orders, and answer questions. The advantage of Telegram is that you don’t have to sit in it 24/7. Bots handle it more quickly and without much expense.

You may need a programmer to create bots with complex commands. But bots with simple functionality can be created by yourself. Telegram has made it easy and straightforward to create bots. To develop your own bot, add @BotFather to your contact list and follow the instructions.

To activate the bot, copy the API and send it to another bot @Manybot. Once activated, you can create simple commands: alerts, automatic posting of posts to your channel, etc. Just follow the instructions.

Telegram bots have unique options:

  • Training
  • Games
  • Web search
  • Reminders
  • Connecting with other users
  • Connecting to other services
  • Schedule update
  • Collecting statistics
  • Polling

Group chats

Create a group chat if you have a certain small audience, for example, participants of an educational course, dance class, students of a creative studio. In such a chat room it will be convenient to share the information with participants and communicate.

Also a group chat is convenient for communication within the company or the department.


Channels are one of the main differences between Telegram and other messengers. A channel in Telegram is something in between a news feed and a blog on a particular topic. Use it as another platform for publishing content. As soon as a user subscribes to a channel, they see it in their correspondence list. When a new post is published on the channel, the person gets a notification.

This form of communication is suitable for news publications and media outlets. However, it may be useless for a small business.

Users don’t subscribe to anything – notifications will be terribly distracting. If you decide to start a company channel, note that you need constant painstaking work with the text. Beautiful images, with which Instagram is overflowing, will not work in the messenger. Here you need to publish interesting, relevant information with an author’s pitch. The brand should become an interesting interlocutor, on whom you do not regret spending time.

What to share? Sample topics for posts:

  • Product news, special promotions and discounts
  • In-house company kitchen.

Topical articles that will be of interest to a wide range of users. For example, if a fitness center – articles about healthy lifestyle, if a bank – articles about financial planning and profitable investments, bookstores – a story about book novelties.

Use specific tools for the channel


Post formatting

Telegraph is a tool for easily publishing longreads and posts with pictures or videos inside. Telegraph is a project to help Telegram users. It is suitable for those who do not have their own site or blog, but need to publish a note with formatting. For example, you can add images or videos to the text, separate the text into paragraphs, and highlight headings. If you add a link to a video on Youtube or Vimeo, it will automatically turn into an embedded player. You don’t even need registration to use Telegraph. If you want to link all future notes to your channel, use the Telegraph bot.


Although only the administrator can publish posts to the channel, your customers can also express their opinion by voting. To do this, add the polling bot to your contact list. Called with the @vote command – then click Create new poll, and the dialog menu with the bot will open. After creation, add the poll to your channel.

Quick feedback

Unlike other messengers, Telegram is convenient for communicating with a large audience. It is also suitable for round-the-clock customer support. The majority of companies use email correspondence for this purpose. But email is not suitable for solving urgent issues – an email can get lost among hundreds of others or end up in spam.

With Telegram, messages come instantly and with notification. Customers don’t have to stay on the phone and wait for a free operator or catch the connection in the subway. You can write to the customer directly, add to a group chat, or create a bot that forwards a question directly to the manager.


One of the main benefits is notification of new posts. On social networks, they can get lost in the ranked news feed. In Telegram, even if notifications are disabled, the number of unread posts will be displayed in the chat list and the user will view it. The coverage of the post is 60-80%, compared with 5% on Facebook and 10-15% on VK.

The main feature of content in Telegram is that it is addressed directly to the audience. If you take a thorough approach to maintaining the business channel, you can partially replace email newsletters, which is relevant for information publications or for companies which already have a successful blog.


Of course stickers! It seems to be a trifle, but many users really come to Telegram because of them.

You can create your own set of stickers. For companies, this is an unconventional but popular way to promote business in an informal way and increase brand awareness.

Stickers are created by small brands for young people as well as large corporations. Your pac will be constantly visible to users among other stickers and remind them of your company.

Creating stickers doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can order them to a graphic designer or make simple stickers yourself if you know graphic editors.

Basic requirements and tips:

  • The image must fit into a 512×512 square
  • Picture format: PNG with transparency or shadow
  • Use hidden advertising and branding
  • Stickers need to express popular emotions, because only then users will share them in correspondence with their friends or in group chats.

You can use @Stickers bot to share stickers, too! It will also help you quickly create your own pak.

Working with bloggers


In Telegram, just like in social networks, there is an opportunity to work with opinion leaders. Promotional posts do not catch the eye – native advertising thrives here. Information about a product or brand is presented as a distracted story or a friendly recommendation.

Prices for such promotional posts depend on the number of subscribers and the requirements of the channel author.

Promote the channel on Telegram

Make a post about the channel in social networks.

Keep in mind that the channel must have at least a small number of subscribers. Unlikely to subscribe to a channel with zero subscribers.

Include a link to Telegram on your site, along with other icons for social networks and contacts.

Send out a mailing to your customer base.

Tell your clients you have started a Telegram channel. Tell them what the benefits of subscribing, what content you will post.

Get into a selection of channels or compile one yourself

Major channels and media outlets make a selection of interesting channels on a variety of topics.  Try to make such a selection yourself and include your channel in it. After that, distribute it in social networks or offer to involve the media, which is close to this topic.

You can ask the owners of the channels you’re going to include in your selection for a small comment – that way you’ll also tell them about the post you’re making, and they might tell you about your selection on their channel.

Mutual PR

You can make a deal with someone to tell them about each other’s channels. It’s better if you have roughly the same number of subscribers and similar topics, the same target audience.

Promote your channel for a fee

When you gain 1,000-1,500 subscribers, you can advertise in similar themed channels and chats and advertise there.

How to analyze effectiveness


There are only two metrics in Telegram – the number of views and the number of subscribers. It is impossible to track their dynamics using ordinary methods.


Views are considered as unique visits. If one user visits a channel from two devices, two views are counted.

The number of views in mobile applications is rounded after one thousand, and in desktop version – after 10 thousand views.


Once the number of channel subscribers exceeds 200, you will not be able to view all the participants. Telegram shows only 200 people.

Only the administrator can see the channel subscribers – third-party users only see the number.

The big disadvantage of Telegram for the marketer is that it lacks any tools to keep statistics on subscribers and post views in terms of time periods. Therefore, it is difficult to understand which content is most interesting to your audience.

The easiest way is to track the average number of views. To do this, divide the number of views by the number of posts. What you get above the average number is the number of outside readers.

The @Channel AnalyticsBot will help you gather daily channel statistics. The advantage of this bot is that you can view statistics not only for your channel, but also for your competitors’ channels.

Promoting on Telegram is not the easiest way to promote. But this messenger offers many useful tools and opportunities for the Internet marketer. Try all the ways listed above and stay ahead of the competition.