Top 5 Most Innovative Marketing Companies in Real Estate

If you have a real estate company in today’s digital world, you need to be equipped with a set of unique skills and strategies capable of steering the company forward.

Thanks to technology, the real estate world is now dominated by several innovative marketing companies that not only help realtors stay ahead of the existing competition but also change the trends in how businesses are done.

The internet is filled with potential buyers who spend a substantial amount of their time online, always looking out for the best deals when it comes to housing.

As a successful realtor, the plan is to find a way to reach these buyers and convince them to risk it away with your deals. The following are the top 5 most innovative marketing companis found in the real estate world:

1. Revamped Real Estate

Revamped Real Estate was developed by two experienced and professional real estate agents and is recognized as one of the most efficient marketing companies the real estate world has ever had.

The app helps the modern realtor reach their target audience and generate leads without having to part with lots of money. With the digital marketing arena moving so fast, Revamped Real Estate plans to uncover useful tactics that will motivate potential buyers and sellers without paying for advertisements.

Direct email marketing has limitations and is boring. Revamped Real Estate eliminates these limitations and boredoms. Moreover, it is the ideal application for sophisticated and experienced realtors already leading in their real estate game.

This application offers a user-friendly interface, is simple, and has various useful, valuable features. Some of its advantages include:

  • It has a caring and responsive support team
  • It offers customized solutions and values customer inputs
  • Though competitive, it offers robust online marketing solutions

2. Land Voice


Realtors prefer Land Voice because it has the most efficient and robust channels that enable them to market their businesses. With Land Voice, real estate agents have the technology, tools, and resources they need to effectively introduce their businesses to a much bigger audience, make more sales, and generate leads.

While working with Land Voice, you are better positioned to gain better and wider exposure and obtain access to new markets, thanks to reliable and caring professionals.

The workers at Land Voice are accommodative, talented, and dynamic and all have a zeal to implement and develop marketing strategies that will help achieve goals and make massive sales through minimal effort.

Land Voice uses marketing strategies such as website design, email campaigns, and social media marketing that help penetrate the new potential market. If you are seeking to reach millions of customers at your disposal, Land Voice got you covered with their strategic solutions.

3. Bold Leads

Bold Leads is an excellent marketing company for real estate agents utilizing advanced lead generation methods that enable realtors to generate leads, attract potential customers and acquire their contact details.

Hundreds of leads are sent to realtors by Bold Leads, which are useful in interacting with prospective clients. Even better, the app has real-time calendars, viewings, and appointments which are a crucial part of the real estate company.

Moreover, the application has an intuitive and user-friendly interface with easy-to-use tools and features helpful to realtors in lead generation. In this digitized era, real estate agents want a convenient application that allows access through smartphones and Bold Leads does not disappoint.

Also, Bold Leads is ideal for real estate agents looking to generate more leads within the shortest time without going through much hustle. As an industry-leading innovative marketing company, Bold Leads provides up-to-date, exclusive, and robust marketing solutions that can take a real estate company to the next advanced level.

However, Bold Leads might not be many realtor’s favorite marketing company because it sends bulk leads and contact details to its subscribers. Due to this, the users always have to filter out fake contact details and differentiate them from genuine ones.

4. Wise Agent


Wise Agent was founded by two former realtors and is a cloud-based real estate software agency assisting agents in efficiently managing their businesses. Wise Agent is unique because of its emphasis on simplifying the real estate process through a wide range of features helpful to agents in managing transactions, listings, and contacts.

Through Wise Agent, realtors can introduce their real estate projects to a broad audience and allow online management of online data through a website. With Wise Agent’s integrated tools, realtors can grow and make significant changes in their companies without worrying about expensive additional costs.

You can use Wise Agent’s email marketing and social media posts; you are guaranteed to effortlessly generate leads and generate client data as you track the effectiveness and progress of your marketing campaigns.

Through its dedicated team of trainers, Wise Agent is known for providing excellent customer service to its clients. For convenience, the app is accessible through mobile phones and is user-friendly. Wise Agent’s charges are a bit higher than other innovative marketing companies, but the quality of work it delivers is unmatched.

5. Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican has a mailing list builder and a built-in template feature that makes realtors work easy when reaching out to their audiences. With the mailing list builder function, you can develop lists of potential clients capable of promoting and bringing a turnaround to your business.

Realtors seeking to attract a bigger audience can never go wrong with Wise Pelican because of its terrific lead management, social media marketing, and the direct mail marketing tools it possesses.

If utilized, the professional postcard templates can reach a bigger audience and can be modified in your browser without sacrificing sophistication or professionalism.

The list builder in Wise Pelican is not only affordable but also gives you value for money. The features included in the mail listing builder of Wise Pelican include:

  • Ability to remove or add leads from the mailing list
  • Ability to use CSV format in uploading a mailing list
  • Ability to group the mail listing by price range, location, or through other criteria

These features are helpful to real estate agents in developing and managing their direct mail campaigns; hence no need to incorporate additional complicated software. Some of the advantages of Wise Pelican include:

  • Offers a variety of postcard templates for realtors to choose from
  • It has an easy-to-use interface
  • It groups mailing lists by price range, location, or other criteria

Importance of Sending Real Estate Postcards


  • They help to increase leads
  • They introduce the community to a new real estate agent
  • Postcards help to build familiarity and brand recognition in target areas
  • Through postcards, the residents can be notified about newly listed properties and the deals in which they are offered.

There are many real estate marketing companies to choose from, with some offering DIY marketing solutions while others are all-inclusive.

As a realtor, it is your responsibility to settle for the most lucrative real estate company that will cater well to the needs of your potential customers, help you generate more leads, and rise above the competition from other real estate companies.

Gone are the days when realtors invested effort and resources using outdated marketing techniques to generate leads and capture the attention of bigger audiences. However, these real estate applications are only useful to realtors with adequate knowledge of how to use them.


The digital age comes with the best marketing firms with lucrative features and powerful tools that all realtors need to succeed in their real estate projects. Once you are settled on investing in the applications, ensure you higher a professional team to help you work around the tables and offer the best to your potential customers.