How to Make Custom Jewelry With a Laser Cutter – 2024 Guide

If you feel creative and have tons of ideas on what a perfect set of jewelry should look like, then you should consider starting your own jewelry-making business. On the other hand, if you are already making jewelry, but want to find a way to make it even more original, then you should seriously think about buying a laser cutter for jewelry.

There are surely tons of techniques you can master when it comes to jewelry making, but this one is perfect if you wish to expand your business, in terms of offering a different type of personalized jewelry and cutting down the time you spend making it. It’s all done by a professional machine, so it will definitely be a time saver. An engraver like this one can help you complete any idea you have for a jewelry set. Whether it’s a ring, bracelet, pendant, a box with some inscription, a name, a pattern, or whatever you may need, it will be done in a matter of minutes.

How Does One Make a Piece of Custom Jewelry Set With Such Machines?


Well, for starters, you’ll need a machine. These laser machines are in fact CNC machines, designed to make you able to engrave things on multiple different surfaces, with great speed and precision. With very little hand work.

What you need to know in order to decide which type you need, is that there are different ones for different surfaces. So, if you want to make metal jewelry, you’ll be needing a fiber engraver. It will work on copper, brass, gold, silver, aluminum, and other metals. It’s a very simple operation, low cost, in general, won’t demand much of your work.

If you want to engrave in wood, stone, glass, or similar materials, then you’ll need a CO2 engraver. As the name implies, this machine utilizes CO2 for your jewelry-making process.

If you work with plastic or crystals, you’ll be needing a UV laser machine. It works on an ultraviolet laser.

As for how much money you’ll be needing, it also depends. You can expect to spend anything between 2.000 and 8.000 $.

Once you buy the machine, it’s time to start designing. Think of an ideal piece you think would be something people would want to buy. You can also buy an already made design, and personalize it with something engraved. When the design is decided on, you’ll need to utilize your drawing skills. This you’ll do, not by hand, but in programs like Corel or Photoshop. What you write in these programs is being transferred (engraved) onto the surface of your choice. Once this is done as well, then set your laser cutter, and start the process.


As you can see now, such machines do simplify the jewelry-making process, but also require different skills (like learning how to draw in different programs). But, keep in mind, there’s no serious entrepreneur in those who are not ready to learn new skills.