How to Bring in More Sales with Email QR Codes

Email is one of the most effective digital marketing tools today. It’s only right that marketers and CEOs find better ways to distribute their email addresses, so more people can reach them.

According to a recent report, six billion emails were generated every day as of 2019, and in 2020, over 11 million persons scanned a QR code. That demonstrates the value of emails and the use of an advanced QR code generator online.

Did you know that you can now provide direct access to your emails thanks to the development of QR codes?

Using an Email QR code allows instant access to email messaging, allowing quick message transmission. It will change how email marketing handles your businesses and retain customers’ interest, where they can send you their inquiries in a scan, or you can send them updates anytime.

Incorporating QR codes in emails could really help double your sales. Here’s how.

How can I make a QR code for email?

  1. Go to QRTIGER QR code generator
  2. Click on the Email QR code solution
  3. Put your active email address
  4. Click on generate QR code
  5. You can customize your QR code by choosing the patterns and colors
  6. Make sure to do a test scan
  7. Print your QR code for your marketing materials


You can generate a free QR code for an email that, once scanned, will direct your audience to compose an email and vice versa, where you can put essential details to send to your recipients.

To make your QR code more unique, remember that you may include your logo and customize the design. The logo can only cover a part of the QR code. Otherwise, people might have difficulties scanning.

Note that you will need to avoid using lighter colors on your QR codes, as they will be hard to scan with most smartphone cameras these days.

Email QR code is free!

Email QR code is a static type of QR code: it’s free and fixed. Static QR codes will work forever and has no expiration. Static QR codes promote quick and simple transactions in many different businesses, including delivery services, home services, and customer support.

To quickly and conveniently compose and send an email, a user only needs to scan the QR code.

However, Static QR codes do not have editable content. You cannot modify the email address pre-encoded in this kind of QR code.

To help you optimize your email marketing campaign, QRTIGER offers a selection of dynamic QR code solutions that allow you to track and analyze your data. With dynamic QR codes, you’re free to edit the information behind the existing QR code. You won’t really have to generate and post another one.

The longer your emails can keep recipients engaged, the closer and more connected they become to your brand.

Other QR code solutions that would help your engagement

You can choose other QR code solutions such as vCard and social media QR codes to get a bigger audience. Using a vCard QR code, your customers can access your personal information, connect you through your social media platforms, and they can save all your contact details from there.

With a Social Media QR code, you can combine all your social media platforms in a single QR code, making it more attractive in the business.

This is all made possible with a reliable QR code generator with logo software. It has the complete features you need to come up with a successful QR code marketing campaign.