The Fastest VPN for Windows: iTop VPN Detailed Review

If you want to get more privacy online, you can try an encrypted VPN service. iTop VPN is free and uses strong encryption to protect your data. It allows you to hide your IP address, which will protect you from being monitored by others. If you’re unable to access a site because it’s blocked, you can change your IP address and unblock it. This software is a good choice if you want to access geo-restricted content.

Free and Multi-Feature VPN


iTop VPN is a free VPN that runs on Windows computers as well as Mac, iOS and Android, and has thousands of servers in 100 different locations. It features auto-selection of the fastest network protocol, although users can select a specific protocol for better speed or privacy. This program also blocks malicious ads and scans your system to prevent hacking. It also has a kill switch to prevent accidental leaks of browsing data or IP addresses. Users can also select a specific connection protocol, such as Protocol Basic, to ensure that no one can track them or access their private information.

There are a few limitations with this free VPN for Windows, but iTop VPN makes up for these by offering a free plan with limited features. The free version of the service has only 16 servers, limited bandwidth, and a single virtual location.

Unblocks Geo-restricted Content

Geo-blocking is a reality everywhere. You’ve probably seen these advertisements, but did you know you can unblock geo-restricted content with iTop VPN? The service offers a security toolbox, so you can protect yourself from privacy issues, phishing ads, and DNS hijacking. You can use the free service to access restricted sites, but many features are only available for premium accounts.

iTop VPN is relatively inexpensive, and uses minimal system resources. It runs on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 and requires about 300 MB of free disk space and a screen resolution of 1024×768. It also offers iOS and Android applications. It has over 20 million registered users across a range of platforms and offers a free version with multiple servers. Paid users can access 1,800+ servers in 100 locations worldwide.

Encryption of Data


Some countries have unnecessarily intrusive surveillance methods. For example, the United States has been accused of using information to manipulate individuals and conduct other unethical practices. These agencies use the information they have gathered to monitor people’s online activity. Using an encrypted VPN, like iTop VPN, allows you to maintain complete privacy without having to worry about being tracked.

The iTop VPN for Windows is a free VPN program that is capable of providing maximum security and privacy while browsing the internet. Its powerful encryption keeps all your online activity private and secure. It is a must-have security tool for your PC, because without it, you will be at risk of being exposed to online hackers and data thieves.

Kill Switch Feature

Another important feature of iTop VPN for Windows is its kill switch, which will cut your internet connection if the VPN fails to connect. This way, your browsing data and IP will not be leaked accidentally. Users will want their original internet speed to be maintained. As a general rule, VPNs do decrease internet speed, but iTop VPN does a good job of preserving the original speed. VPNs encrypt data and tunnel the connection to another server, so you can expect a speed boost after installing the software.

If you’re on the lookout for a good VPN for multiple platforms, iTop VPN is the right option for you. This feature works on any connection or device, even if it’s in standby mode. It also prevents your internet activity from being logged or tracked, which can be a real security concern if you don’t want to be identified online.