How To Transfer Game Saves Across Different Devices 

Gaming is a big part of society today. The reason is simple. It is more available than ever. Back in the day, you needed a console to play a game or a powerful PC. Xbox or PlayStation was the norm. Today, you can play on your smartphone. Tablets and laptops are also options. You can pick your poison. Consoles and computers are still on the menu too. Games are everywhere.

While we’re enjoying a form of gaming paradise, there are always issues. We can’t live without issues. The main issue for most gamers is when they can’t play on their favorite device. It would be ideal if you had a saved file on a couple of devices, right? Yes, that would be great. So, the next time you pick a game from the gaming guide you’d like to be able to have a few saves? Are we right? Yes, that’s probably your desire. It’s possible. Keep reading and let us tell you how to transfer game saves across different devices.

E-Mail It


If you are an android user you can locate the saved file in your phone memory. When you install a game, you will be handled by its sub-folders. In one of them, you’ll find save files. You can upload your save to the email as it will not hold too much memory. After that, you can send it to yourself and you’ll have it in your email. When you log in to your email you can simply download the file.


Today we don’t only use physical memory to store files. Many of us rely on cloud storage. You can set game options to save your file on your cloud account. If you opt for this option you can play your game on any device you like as it will always be accessible via the cloud.

Sync Devices

This is quite an easy thing to do. When you use your smartphone it is required that you are logged into your email address. All that is left is to be logged onto the same email across all of your devices. When you do this you need to sync all of them. When this is done you’re save progress will be saved identically across all devices. Piece of cake.

Send it as a Message


Today, you have plenty of message services. Some of them can even transfer large files. Games saves are no different than a simple text message. You only need to find the file on your initial device and send it as a message. You’ll receive a message on the other end. All that is left is to download the file and continue playing.

Bottom Line

As you can see there are plenty of ways you can work around your game saves. Neither is too complicated and if you want to have you’re save shared across a few devices you can select the option you find the most accessible. Shared cloud service would be our selection as it is the most modern solution, but you can go with either one. It’s only important that you’re synced on all of your devices.