Here’s Why You Need Video Verified Alarm Systems

In today’s world, ensuring the safety of our residences and workplaces is of utmost importance. The shift from traditional alarm systems to those enhanced with video verification helps save you from spending a lot of money and resources unnecessarily on false alarms. In this article, we will be exploring the reasons why a video-verified alarm system is not merely an enhancement but a vital component of security protocols. Let’s dive in:

What is a Video Verified Alarm System?

A video-verified alarm system is a security setup that combines video footage with alarm alerts, offering visual validation of any ongoing incident immediately. This innovative approach revolutionises the methods used to recognise, confirm and address security breaches. Unlike traditional alarm systems that depend mainly on sensors and could trigger false alarms, video verification brings an added level of assurance to the detection process. Essentially this method is more reactive than proactive in nature.

How Does a Video Verified Alarm System Work?


Here’s how an alarm system with video recording capability typically works:

1. Activation of Alarm

When a sensor detects a threat like entry or/ movement in a restricted area it triggers the alarm.

2. Immediate Video Recording

Upon sensor activation, the cameras in the system begin capturing video footage of the triggering event. This could involve feeds from CCTV cameras or specific video cameras linked to the alarm setup.

3. Video Authentication

The recorded video is then forwarded to the security centre or your smartphone for verification. This step is crucial as it allows for confirmation of the triggered alarm event.

4. Human Review

Trained operators or users can analyse the video footage to determine whether the alarm was set off by a threat or a false alert. This human review enhances accuracy by minimising alarms.

5. Response Actions

If the alarm is confirmed as a threat, appropriate measures are implemented, such as notifying authorities, informing homeowners or business owners or activating security measures, like sirens and lights.

Why is it Needed?


Improved Verification and Response Times

One of the important reasons to consider incorporating video-verified alarm systems is their effectiveness in cutting down response times. Security staff can promptly determine the type of danger present with the video evidence available leading to the dispatch of police or security personnel armed with details. This quick response does not boost the chances of catching trespassers, it also serves as a vital factor in reducing potential harm or losses.

Enhanced Precision and Decreased False Alerts

False alarms have long been posed a concern for property owners like you and law enforcement, resulting in the wastage of resources. Implementing a video-verified system like the AX PRO wireless alarm system significantly diminishes the occurrence of false alerts by offering proof of the security breach, enabling a more perceptive evaluation of alarm triggers. This accuracy is invaluable in saving time, resources, and even lives by focusing attention on where it is really needed.

Improved Security and Deterrence

Video verification significantly improves the security of an alarm system by deterring intruders. When individuals are aware that their actions are being recorded, they are less likely to proceed with their intentions. This psychological deterrence is highly effective in preventing break-ins. Additionally, the recorded footage plays critical evidence in assisting in the apprehension and legal action against perpetrators, thus strengthening security measures.

Cost-Effectiveness and Insurance Benefits

Although the upfront investment for a video-verified alarm system may exceed that of a conventional alarm system, the long-term cost savings are indisputable. Lower false alarms mean reduced penalties and less wastage of resources. Moreover, heightened security measures can result in cuts in insurance costs. This provides reassurance that your properties are safeguarded at an affordable rate.

Integration with Smart Home Technologies

These systems seamlessly integrate with other smart devices, offering you control and peace of mind. Whether it involves turning on lights to ward off trespassers or getting notifications and video clips on your phone while you’re out, this connection represents the essence of contemporary home safety.

Choosing the Alarm System for Your Property

Choosing the Alarm System for Your Property


Selecting the appropriate system requires careful consideration. Coverage area, video quality, and user-friendliness are paramount. You should look for systems that offer clear, high-definition video, extensive coverage, and intuitive interfaces.

Additionally, there are also alarm systems that can be customized based on your business properties. They offer the option where you can specify situations that should activate an alert and provide guidelines on how to respond when one of these “rules” is breached. For instance, a company could feed its operating hours and create a rule to trigger an alert if someone enters or exits the building outside of those hours. Upon receiving an alert at the security centre, video analysts can examine the footage and act according to the predetermined protocols established by the company such as contacting an on-site security guard or law enforcement.

Some systems even feature object-tracking capabilities that can issue an alert when an object is moved from a designated area. Thus, consulting with security experts can provide insights into the best solutions tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

The Final Thoughts


The transition to video-verified alarm systems represents a pivotal shift in our approach to security. These systems offer a comprehensive solution that addresses many of the shortcomings of traditional alarms, providing enhanced accuracy, reduced response times, and improved deterrence against criminal activity. For those considering an upgrade or installation, the benefits of video verification are clear and compelling.

In today’s world, where security challenges are ever-evolving, staying ahead with advanced technological solutions is not just advisable; it’s essential. Investing in a video-verified alarm system is more than a safeguarding measure. It’s a proactive step towards ensuring the safety and security of our most valued assets.