What Can a Digital Marketing Agency Do for My Company?

Digital marketing agencies are everywhere these days. Every major city has its fair share of them. Even midsized cities and small towns are home to digital marketing agencies all looking to get their piece of the pie. The question you might be asking yourself is this: what can a digital marketing agency do for my company?

The best way to answer the question is to break it down into two parts. The first part is digital marketing. Digital marketing is essential in a modern world that revolves around the internet and digital communications. As for the second part, it is really a matter of whether you have employees on staff with the knowledge, skills, and time to do the job right.

More About Digital Marketing

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At first glance, it would seem that digital marketing is little more than marketing in the digital space. That may be true in marketing’s simplest form. But when you start digging into the details of how digital marketing actually works, you realize there is a lot more to it. The things digital marketers do today go way beyond what their analog predecessors did years ago.

Digital marketing requires a ton of research. It requires a basic understanding of search engines, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media engagement, short- and longtail key words, content marketing, and more.

A good digital marketer is obviously very good at creating marketing messages that connect with people. But he is also a technically savvy person who knows his way around the internet, websites, social media, and mobile devices. With so much to think about, a good digital marketer has to be a jack of many trades.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

For a lot of businesses, hiring a digital marketing agency just makes sense. It is easier and more cost effective to trust marketing to a third-party agency with its own on-staff experts rather than attempting to do things in-house. Moreover, understanding how to scale a digital marketing agency is crucial for ensuring continued growth and success in serving clients’ evolving needs and expanding market opportunities.

Here are just some of the things a professional digital marketing agency can do for a company, compliments of Salt Lake City’s Webtek Digital Marketing:

  • Develop a Marketing Strategy – Every company needs a digital marketing strategy. An agency with years of experience is the most qualified entity to come up with that strategy. A strategy can and should be modified as conditions change.
  • Execute Marketing Campaigns – Digital marketing agencies tend to excel at creating and executing marketing campaigns. An agency might execute several campaigns during a given year. Whether it is 5 or 10 campaigns, an agency can probably do it better than your company.
  • Manage Online Reputation – Every company that chooses to have an online presence also has an online reputation. One of a digital marketing agency’s not-so-obvious responsibilities is to manage that reputation on behalf of the client.

The three things mentioned here provide an overview of what digital marketing agencies do. There are plenty of tasks within each of these three things, tasks that require a combination of skill, experience, knowledge, and intuition.

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It Might Be Worth Your While

Now you know what a digital marketing agency can do for your company. Only you can decide whether hiring an agency is a smart move. Just know that it might be worth your while if your current marketing team is struggling to dominate the digital space.

Bringing in an agency leverages industry expertise and knowledge that is hard to come by elsewhere. Hiring an agency could make the difference between maintaining the status quo and seeing your marketing efforts go above and beyond anything your company has ever managed before.