The Best Karambit Covert Knife in CS:GO — Karambit | Blue Steel

Karambit is considered one of the most popular knives in CS:GO. This knife was not invented, but was taken from real life and skillfully created in the virtual world. We can safely say that the skins of this knife are much more expensive than their real prototype.

In terms of technical aspects, the knife looks great in the hand, it is comfortable to hold, and many players really like to use it in battles. This knife is impossible to confuse with the rest due to its original shape, special finger ring and the ability to hold it with multiple grips.

Despite the fact that Karambit has many skins, one of the most interesting skins is worth paying attention to: karambit blue steel.

What skin is this?

The Blue Steel skin is far from the highest price among all the skins of this knife. If we talk about the appearance, then no paint has been applied to the skin. It seems that all parts of the metal knife have been hardened to a dark blue hue. The handle is the usual black color and does not stand out in any way.

Because the skin does not have any paint, there will be no big scratches or huge wear and tear for any exteriors. However, in the Battle-Scarred exterior, there is a clear clouding of the metal parts of the knife compared to the Factory New exterior, so the skin will not look as colorful and bright.

What are the prices for Karambit | Blue Steel?


As with all skins, the price depends on the exterior and external condition. The prices for the skin of this type of weapon are as follows:

  • from $700 for Factory New
  • from $639 for Minimal Wear;
  • from $596 for Field-Tested;
  • from $544 for Well-Worn;
  • from $543 for Battle-Scarred

As you can see, this skin is expensive, so collectors often hunt for it in order to invest and later sell it for more.


How can I buy a skin?

There are many ways to purchase skin for your collection in CS: GO. This may be the official platform of the game developer, Steam. Naturally, this is the most popular and reliable way to buy or sell skin. However, if the question is to earn real money, then this platform will not work. All money remains inside the platform, so this option is not suitable for those who want to invest their money and earn it in the future.

For such actions, there are alternative platforms where users can withdraw real money to a personal account. Many users work only with such platforms, because it is not necessary to love CS:GO and play it, you can just buy skins and trade while earning money.

There is also the possibility of buying skins from other users, but in this case, you need to trust the other user and know that he or she is not a scammer. There are times when a person receives money, but does not fulfill their obligations.

Before you decide which way to buy skins, you should think about the risks and the actions that you will take in the future. And remember that rare and desired skins can earn serious amounts of money.