6 Next Big Thing in Communications 

Communication is the core element of all human interaction, and technological advancements in this digital age have made communication easier and faster. However, we are yet to see all that technology has in store for the communications industry.

Here are a few big things in communication we can expect in the future.

1. The rise of implants

Some surveys show that people will communicate using body implants and holograms in the future. Wearable technology will be the new normal, and people will invest in wearable devices like smartwatches and augmented reality glasses.

Some companies like Apple have already introduced smartwatches into the market. In addition, there will be a rise in the emergence of tiny communication devices that need to be injected into you. These devices will navigate to your brain to connect and relay information from the brain to external devices.

Ideally, with the help of this new technology, communication will be through telepathy in thought recognition technology. These advancements will have to pass the healthcare checks put in place to ensure the safety of the people.

2. Less face to face human interactions

Source: asiatimes.com

Most adults will be spending a lot of their time online, e.g., on social media, limiting face-to-face interactions. In the future, you will not be able to communicate face to face. However, the law must ensure that technological changes do not harm the safety and wellbeing of children.

Also, the internet will have ridiculously high speed, with internet service providers providing internet speed at over 220 gigabits per second.

3. The emergence of a new language

In the future, you will be able to communicate through the use of a new language, like emojis. You will have entire conversations with minimal sentences or words but plenty of emojis. Emojis are used to show more emotion and to make the communication richer.

Their use substitutes gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice in the text. Emojis are a way of creating empathy among the users and adding personality to the text. Their use will in the future enhance communication with clarity and description and break down language barriers.

This aspect of digital communication will become more sophisticated as we move towards audiovisuals, stickers, and GIFs in every conversation on our mobile devices.

4. The use of digital signage

Source: asiatimes.com

Businesses and entrepreneurs will not be left behind in the wake of communication technology advancements. Instead, they will incorporate digital signage into their workplaces to remain relevant and draw their customers’ attention. For example, you can use digital signage to display products, testimonials, top-performing employees, or inspirational quotes.

As more people embrace the use of big screens around, digital signage will increase as more people seek to use it to prolong their screen experience. It will be used for more purposes besides screen advertising. For example, in the near future, you will be able to use screens with aroma-emitting capabilities. Once you place such screens strategically, they will allow you to adjust the fragrance type and level depending on the area of enablement.

In the retail sector, digital signage will be highly used for proximity marketing, a new digital marketing strategy. The cutting-edge signage used will be able to react to the items customers choose in front of them or deploy relevant messages to customers. For instance, you may walk in front of a store whose window is digital signage, and then you receive a notification on your phone about the discounts available in the store. This may make you enter the store and make a purchase.

5. An increase in artificial intelligence

Robots will learn how to perform various tasks, learn new skills, and upload content into the cloud for other artificial intelligence systems’ access, especially in the wake of the global pandemic. So, there will be no need to separately program different types of artificial intelligence.

They will be able to replicate, understand, and develop ideas and breakthroughs faster than humans and allow automation and the use of SEO. In addition, the use of AI will maximize efficient and effective communication and maximize innovation. AI will mitigate human weakness and supplement their work, but it will mirror the human input quality.

Most people will embrace AI to help optimize their production rate to reach their full potential.

6. A rise in VR and AR

Source: asiatimes.com

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are existing concepts that will bring a revolution to the world in the future. AR enhances reality, and VR helps you forget it. When used together, they open you to a world of the internet of experiences; a new industry, the internet of things, will emerge.

This technology will change the human experience of technology forever. The emergence of the internet of things means that digital household devices will be connected to wearable sensors and other devices worldwide.

AR and VR bring together the real world and a virtual one with enhanced 3D visuals.


Future changes and advancements in technology will be the next big thing in communication. However, despite all the adjustments, humans will still be in control, and there will be a balance between technological and human intelligence.