Best Ways to Upgrade an Office: Guide 101

Businesses have been reluctant to invest in office spaces since the pandemic, but there’s still a lot of value in doing so.  It may be rare to see entire teams on the premises these days, thanks to the rise of hybrid working, but people still enjoy immersing themselves in the environment now and again.

Employers who want to attract more people back to the office should look to provide more appealing facilities and workspaces. Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your office.

IT systems upgrades

Are your digital systems getting a bit slow? Upgrading your hardware and IT infrastructure can boost productivity and efficiency by avoiding time loss for technical difficulties. Computers, servers, software and other equipment make up your entire network and this can play a large role in your business success.

If your IT systems resemble something pre-historic, you may just have to bite the bullet and invest in some significant upgrades. It’s often the little details that make all the difference in a business setting.

Ergonomic workspace design


Employee comfort and well-being should be an important consideration for office managers. People work best when they can focus solely on the task at hand and not on their equipment or workspace.

Office layouts should minimise disruptions for employees and let enough natural light in to help with concentration and productivity. Whether you want to get handy with a multi-tool to shift the layout around or hire a professional to do it – that’s up to you!

Furniture such as desks and chairs should be ergonomically optimised to ensure staff don’t suffer from neck or back aches. Adjustable desks are increasing in popularity because they provide the ability to stand or sit while working.

Smart meeting spaces

With the prevalence of digital conferencing and video calls in the working world since the pandemic, upgrading your meeting spaces is something that should be high on your priority list. Traditional boardrooms with limited connectivity are almost a thing of the past.

Now, a conference room should have a TV screen, webcam, speaker and microphone system all set up. Micro-meeting spaces are a new trend that facilitates short, sharp bursts of collaboration between team members. Little nooks in your office could have the potential for an innovative meeting area if you’re creative enough.

Better break facilities


Offices are predominantly places for work, but there’s nothing wrong with adding some features that can enhance your employee’s break times. Adding different appliances to the kitchen area provides new functionality, whether that be a bean-to-cup coffee machine or a vending machine with some delectable treats.

You could also make room for a darts board, pool or ping pong table to give employees something more engaging to enjoy on their lunch. These sorts of additions can help people to switch off work mode and come back to their desks more relaxed afterwards. They’re also handy morale boosters.


All in all, investing in a better office space has very few downsides and will be appreciated by employees as well as clients. This of course all depends on your level of budget available and your priority list within your organisation.