Things to Keep in Mind Before Negotiating For A Cable Plan Upgrade – 2024 Guide

Getting a cable upgrade is not all that simple as it sounds. Not many people know that cable companies have lots of hidden benefits that come along only with the upgradation of plans. This is in terms of the fact that streaming services like Netflix are dominating the world of entertainment now due to which cable service providers are going out of their way to satisfy customers.

Here is a complete post dedicated to people who want to negotiate their cable upgrade to get more perks.

Negotiation of Cable Bill


Just because cable providers quote a rate does not mean that it is definitive. If you negotiate properly, you might end up getting a discount, free service installation, and sometimes even more than this.

Please note that the sales agent is there to assist you with finding out the best cable plans that fit your budget and requirements. They are trained in the manner to help you at all costs which translates to accommodating you in every sense. While this does not mean that you can be rude to them, it certainly means that you can ask for better deals.

Besides a lower rate, negotiating your bills is a tested approach to getting more services in less money. However, before trying to negotiate with a customer service rep, it is important that we complete our research about competitors and other service benefits.

Which charges are negotiable on the cable and internet bill?

Contrary to the popular belief, price is not the only aspect that can be talked about – there are many other incentives and perks that you can get by negotiating the right way.

  • Complimentary hardware
  • Complimentary installation
  • Free activation of services
  • Free speed increase
  • Free channel add-ons
  • Complimentary access to Netflix for one year
  • Gift vouchers
  • Priority services

Eventually, it is always better to get some information about whatever might assist you with bringing down your cable charges and perhaps internet and phone bill.

One thing that you must know is that the entire job of your sales agent is to assist you and provide consultation to suit your needs. You can share your requirements, expectations, and everything that you deem important to get a better-suited plan. In my case, my sales agent made me realize how a bundle deal could save me a ton of money annually.

Tips to get a better cable deal by negotiating


1. Talk to a customer retention agent

Cable providers have agents explicitly entrusted with the responsibility of retaining the customers from switching to a competitor. These agents are equipped with a rundown of legitimate offers that can be imparted to customers that are on the edge to cancel their cable plan. A few providers offer their agents a reward for every customer they keep which serves as a motivation.

Here are a few things you might have the option to haggle for when talking with one of these exceptional customer retention agents:

  • Upgradation of Broadband
  • Better Internet plan
  • Discounted movies
  • Improved DVR service
  • Free telephone line

2. Be persistent


Numerous promotions have termination dates. Some cable providers have year-round discounts, while some offer complementary services like channel add-ons for a period of six months. The thing cable providers rely vastly on is that your busy life will make you forget the expiration dates of such offers making it possible for them to charge you extra.

As such, it is recommended that you intentionally call your cable provider every three to six months to discuss your cable plan, pricing, new offers, and discounts. This way you will be able to get your hands on all the service offers and perks.

3. Check out your cable providers’ competitors

You can ask your cable provider for a discount if you find its competitor offering a better plan. In the event that your cable company’s competitor is running an offer, you can request your provider to match it.

In some cases, you can even request your cable provider to beat the deal offered by its competitors.

4. Go with the bundles


Going for the bundles is a great money-saving approach. If you are paying for the phone, internet, and cable plans separately then you should consider going back to the high school class of financial management.

Using two or three services makes a great case for subscribing to a bundle. Besides the guaranteed services, you can bag a number of additional benefits with bundle deals. For instance, Cox cable offers a complimentary TV box in addition to the extensive channel lineup, high-speed internet, and unlimited nationwide calling at affordable rates – you can click here for more details.

An extra advantage of bundles is that it puts you in the driver’s seat when it is time to negotiate with your provider. It is undeniably more excruciating for a cable provider to lose you as a customer in case you are paying for TV, internet, and phone than if you just utilized one service.

5. Break the chains of conventional thinking

Most cable providers charge a monthly rent of around 6 USD to 11 USD for cable modems. Cable providers are not that flexible with this expense and so if you want a plan upgrade with more channels, you might want to request a rental fee waiver.

Another approach to cut down this monthly expense is to purchase a cable modem. While you will have to spend a substantial amount at once, it will keep you from a regular expense. If you decide to go with this approach, you should get a list of the compatible cable modems from your cable company before investing in any modem. To find a cheaper modem, you can look up community websites like Craigslist.

6. Commit with your company


A cable company is undeniably bound to offer you an extraordinary deal in case you are willing to sign a contract. Many organizations will consent to offer you a great deal on the off chance that you will stay with them for a year or more. However, this eliminates your freedom to cancel at any time so if you want to go through with it, make sure you mean it.

The last word

While all the tips discussed in this post mostly work, but even if they do not once you should try again. It is highly possible to get a different response from different agents. As such, if your first conversation is unsuccessful, call another time again or ask the agent to pass you through to a manager.