Upgrade Your Website: 5 Considerations for 2024

The year 2024 is all about technology and digitization. Concepts like 5G, AI, and the cloud are hitting the market rapidly. According to the Harvard Business Review, by 2025, most companies want to move about 60% of their IT assets to the cloud. You can only catch up to all these advancements by integrating them into your business model and upgrading your website.

Whether you’re an influencer, or content creator, or you have your e-commerce channel, you need to work on your website. A good web page attracts a wave of users, impacting your organic traffic and helping you develop a deeper digital footprint. Hence, if you are looking for inspiration to make a better website, here’s what you need to do:

1. An Expressive Web Design

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Web design is all about aesthetics. A good-looking web page is easy to share and links ahead. So, you need to invest significant time into making your website look attractive. Start by looking at your website’s design. If you haven’t upgraded your web design in a long time, you should do it now.

Perhaps your webpage needs more sections, livelier colors, and creative fonts. While you can take on this task independently, it’s best to consult professionals like those at Thrive Engine, who are experienced in enhancing existing websites and creating new ones. Part of fixing your web design also includes testing your web page’s responsiveness.

Carry out a technical SEO to determine if your new design is fast, loads within seconds, and is optimized for cell phones. Add features like AI and VR to your web design to be more tech-savvy. Resources like chatbots can boost your ratings immensely. A chatbot is a form of AI tool mainly used in customer service. This resource is powered by an algorithm you can design and use to guide your users through your website. A chatbot can increase your sales if you’re a small business.

2. Get A Technical Audit

Your existing website may have numerous problems you may need to learn about. A technical audit can improve these issues and increase your website traffic tenfold. This also saves you the trouble of launching a new website from scratch. Ensure you look for outdated plugins, missing images, broken links, and a poorly structured format. Your website’s impression on your users is vital to keep your audience loyal to your brand. So, if you want to ensure your clients return and continue using your webpage, get your website audited and fixed immediately.

3. Use Fresher Keywords

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The keywords you use are an integral part of your website-building strategy. Specific keywords push your website’s ranking high on search engine results, making it easier for users to find you. However, with time, your keywords get outdated and need upgrading. Certain words may no longer hold the power they once did.

Hence, if you want your website to gain more visibility, you must work on your keywords. It would help to find out what words are trending for your niche. For instance, popular keywords for business include “small business ideas” and “online business.” These terms may boost your current website standing and push it up to a higher rank.

For this reason, as you change the keywords on your website, create a list of high-ranking and unique terms and introduce them to your webpage. Having a diverse collection of phrases and words can make your website shine and become popular among users.

4. Build New Content

Great content is the foundation of every successful website, and your brand is nothing without the right content.

There are numerous ways to create new content. If you have a knack for writing, try blogging and writing engaging social media posts. But if you’re a visual artist, you can make videos and animations and add original photography to your website.

On the other hand, if you’re exceptional at designing graphs, infographics are the way to go.

Quality content keeps your users interested and encourages them to share your webpage. This can boost your search rankings and keep readers coming back for more. If you have existing content, you may want to brush up on that too. Make sure you study your older content and eliminate information that is no longer relevant in current times. For example, in 2022, the NFT market was skyrocketing, but by 2024, the market had plummeted rapidly. Hence, if your blog has information on NFT, you may want to curate it to cater to the consumer NFT market following current trends.

5. Get Rid Of Clutter

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An optimal design doesn’t mean your webpage must be cluttered with images and information. The purpose of a website is to allow your consumers to smoothly navigate through web pages without feeling overwhelmed or distracted by the content you post. At the same time, don’t use too many links, add too many images to one page, and leave the rest of your web page blank. If you want a high-ranking SEO, learn to balance your website. Create a site map and categorize every item on your website into a neatly organized pile that is easy to follow.

Moreover, you can also neaten up your URL. Make sure all images have the proper alt tags, and remove extra numbers causing your webpage to look messier. A general rule of thumb is if you have too much content on one page, you might want to spread it out. If there are more than two videos on one page, you should eliminate the third one.

Final Thoughts

The future is all about tech. How you conduct yourself online makes a difference for your website, especially if you are trying to establish yourself digitally. 2024 is bustling with new and improved tech specs, and it’s time you learned the new rules of the game. However, please remember, no matter how tech-savvy your website is, if it’s hard to understand, has a confusing layout, and doesn’t convey information in an organized manner, consumers may not want to engage with it.

Your website is one of the most fundamental features in this digitally driven world. If you own a website and use it to build a brand name for yourself, you need to work on it and make it relevant for 2024.