Top 6 Features of Best Sportsbook Apps 

Online sports betting has been in business since the late 1990s and since then it has only looked forward towards growth and bigger development. Earlier, the sportsbooks were majorly prominent on websites but eventually they have also been expanded to mobile applications. As a number of people prefer to have apps on their phones rather than logging on to a website to play or gamble, the ideal solution is to have sportsbooks on mobile applications for all types of software. This is the very reason that more and more apps are being developed with high-definition graphics and functionalities to attract the maximum number of players across the globe.

Apart from this, betting sites were earlier categorized as untrustworthy because of the nature of their business. However, the perceptions of people are now changing with safe and secure websites and apps being launched with the sole purpose of giving the best in class experience to players for different types of casino games and sports betting. This is the very reason that gamblers are now comparing the features that are provided by different websites and apps before they make a decision on signing up for one. The website or app with the most superior features, ease of use, and bonuses are given preference.

Let’s check out the typical features that the best live sports betting app in India should have:

1. Live Game Views

The betting application should include the facility of giving a live stream of the matches. There are several gamblers who like to view the entire match while they are betting and also increase or decrease their bets as the match continues to happen. The predictability of a match cannot always be right and sometimes the underdogs perform much better than the obvious winners. That is why the fans of sports love to watch the entire game.

2. Guides for Betting


The best sports betting applications or websites have guides and instructions for gamblers on the best ways to use the platform. It is called taking responsibility for the money of the players and giving them complete information. If the player is happy, it is only then that they will revisit the website and invest more in the future.

3. Different Types of Betting

There are different types of sports betting that can be done. Every website or platform should be able to allow gamblers to make bets of varied types. Whether it is money lines, totals, spreads, or individual bets, the players should be able to check the rules and regulations of each before making the bet in the first place. With this, the betting becomes easier and smoother for the players. If the options are limited, professional gamblers would simply seek another platform on which they can make more money.

4. Information about Players and Teams

Not every sportsbook holder wants to take the pain of publishing content and information on all types of players and teams. But the ones that make the effort to showcase information about the players are the ones that are more successful than others. Thus, your sportsbook should definitely have a section for updating the content on records, previous history, injuries of players, etc.

5. Data about Match Schedules


While gamblers tend to make bets, they also like to check the matches that are scheduled to happen in the future. If the sportsbook showcases the future schedules and the odds that will be available for the gamblers then they are more likely to make bets early on. With this, the sportsbook can make more money and also give information about all types of matches to the gamblers in one place. This way, the pain of the players is reduced considerably.

6. Betting Odds

The life of a gambler is made easy with the best online cricket betting odds or sports odds shown in front of each team in a particular match. With this, the gambler can easily make a judgment on which team is more likely to win as per the experts and then make the bet. If the odds are compiled with other historical information or data on the teams then the gambler would have all the information that he/she needs to make the best bets.