Best Music Apps for iPhone [Absolutely FREE – Top 20] – 2024 Guide

There are a number of music apps available on the Apple Store; however, most of them are paid. You need not worry as there are some of the best free music apps for iPhone that you will get to know in this article.

A lot of new Apps are coming on the App store on a regular basis and it truly becomes difficult to find the best out of the lot. Depending on a regular user’s need, our compilation will surely help you pick the best Free Music App for iPhone.

Best Free Music Apps For iPhone

The 20 best free music apps listed in this article are all available on the official Apple Store. You just have to pick the suitable one for your iPhone and simply download them from the App Store for FREE!

1. Shazam

Shazam is one of the best iOS music platforms to listen to your favorite songs. This app has a feature which lets you listen to the songs and also, shows the name of the artist. Also, you can watch its music video on YouTube alongside the running application. It is really a simple yet powerful music app for  iPhone.

2. Pandora music

Pandora music app is available free for mobile users on the App Store. You can easily stream through the latest songs in an orderly fashion. You just have to type the name of your favorite artist and within a moment, the complete list of songs of the artist will be shown. In this application, you can bookmark and provide a rating to the songs if you find the song exceptional.

This app is internet based and only works when you’re connected to the internet. It works best with the WiFi so as to stream the song faster and without buffering.

3. Freegal Music

music apps for iPhone

Freegal is a free music app with the help of which you can prepare free music/ songs to download for iPhone and iPad. This app is totally free and its database contains about more than 7 million music/ songs. You can easily find your favorite songs with the help of the name of the artist.

4. Beats Music

music apps for iPhone

Beats Music also a great and famous free music app for the iPhone. This app is for those music lovers who always want to listen to the song and download it as soon as it gets launched. The app supports around 20 million songs & you can easily get them all through a library.

5. Spotify Music

music apps for iPhone

This is one of the well-known music apps for the iPhone and iPad/Android. Spotify has now more than 100 million users worldwide. This music application allows you to access almost all music tracks without much of a hassle.

6. iHeart Radio

music apps for iPhone

iHeartRadio is one of the best music apps because it covers all radio channels and supports iOS. You can also listen to the podcasts and build your personal music stations which play your favorite songs. Also, you have an alarm feature for the music station along with the sleep timer so as to turn off the radio station. You can enjoy the song with the lyrics shown and check out the biography of the artist and much more.

7. The Music+

music apps for iPhone

The Music+ app is a cool free music player which allows its users to download their favorite songs without a hassle. The interface of the app is quite different and easy so that the users do not face any difficulty in accessing their favorite artist. Simply typing the name of the artist in the search box will help you find the complete playlist.

8. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a very famous music app. It has a large database of playlists uploaded by users. It’s the same as other music apps as you can easily look for an artist, download any song as well as follow any user. It’s a free application on multiple platforms. The user can create their own playlist with favorite songs and customize it according to their choice as well.

9. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is an iOS radio application which covers almost all radio stations. You can enjoy local radio stations along with the downloaded songs. You can look for the artists or favorite songs in the list of all radio stations as well.

In case you really like the TuneIn Radio application, you can also purchase its Pro version for additional features. TuneIn premium monthly subscription costs around $7.99 in the US and $8.99 in Canada.

List of Best Free Music Apps For iPhone

Apart from the above apps, there are many more Free apps that you can use to listen music on your iPhone. Here is a much bigger list showing some more free music Apps for iPhone.

  1. Shazam
  2. Pandora
  3. Freegal music
  4. Beats music
  5. Spotify music
  6. iHeart Radio
  7. The Music+
  8. Soundcloud
  9. TuneIn Radio
  10. Free MP3Box
  11. Tidal
  12. 8Track Playlist Radio
  13. Daytrotter
  14. SoundHound
  15. SongKick Concerts
  16. Hype Machine
  17. TuneDog App
  18. Deezer Music
  19. Slacker Radio
  20. Music Tube

Final Verdict

Hope you like the above-mentioned list of 20 best free music apps for iPhone. I will simply recommend using Spotify (if you can buy it) or just use Shazam for Free. Let us know your favorite music app by leaving a comment below. Also, let us know if you think we missed any of the apps that you know!