How to Use Technology to Improve Your Courier Firm

Today, technology is becoming increasingly important in businesses across all sectors, and courier/delivery companies are no exception. By harnessing the tremendous power of computers and tech, you could expand your market reach, cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase profit.

While many courier companies view themselves as being slightly outside the growing tech revolution, in truth, there are many ways you could integrate today’s cutting-edge technologies into your operations to give your firm a competitive edge against your rivals.

Use Peer to Peer (P2P) platforms to increase your customer base


One of the hardest parts of running any business (particularly a start-up company) is sourcing a reliable customer base and building your market. While it’s true that you should still concentrate on promoting your firm and ensuring potential clients are aware of you and what you can offer, you should also consider signing up for a Peer to Peer (P2P) service that will essentially pass you leads.

Most P2P sites work similarly, with customers posting their job requirements for the courier firms to bid on. This open system allows you to pick and choose the right shipping work jobs for you, fit your budget and work for your schedule – get bidding today.

Benefit from the power of the web with a mobile-responsive site

Even if you use P2P networks, you should still spend time and money on developing a mobile-responsive site that works equally well on desktops, laptops, and cellphones. In most cases, clients will look for firms in your sector online and will gain reassurance if you have a professional site that details what you can do, the geographical areas in which you operate, the size of your fleet, etc.

You should also look at integrating the real-time tracking data, as noted below, to allow clients to track their packages and determine the anticipated delivery time.

Add tracking systems to your deliveries

In today’s digital age, there’s no excuse for courier companies not to use GPS tracking systems and give real-time updates on the progress of packages. You should also include key milestone data and notifications so your clients have complete transparency. You can see exactly what stage their parcel is at (for example, ‘parcel collected’, ‘parcel at delivery depot’, ‘parcel in transit’, etc.).

Adding this type of data will give clients greater trust in your firm, improve your service, and increase the likelihood of repeat business.


Leverage data analytics for greater, targeted customer insights

There is a common misconception among many smaller companies that data analytics is the preserve of much larger, more cash-rich firms. In truth, however, data analytics can be used across all firms to help improve performance and let you take a more proactive approach to managing your firm.

Data can help you predict potential customer behavior, anticipate potential spikes in demand, identify trends, and tailor your firm’s services. It can also be used to hone your marketing and promotions strategy by giving insights into the relative success of your campaigns.