How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone [7 Ways] – 2024 Guide

The iCloud Activation Lock is a neat feature that makes sure your iPhone, iPad or other supported Apple Devices won’t be used by anyone else in case it is lost or stolen. Activation Lock will get enabled when you switch on Find My iPhone. If you lose your device you can simply turn on Lost Mode in Find My iPhone and it’ll work with Activation Lock to make sure your device is secure.

But what if you’re on the other end say you find a device but you have no way to trace it to the owner? Or maybe you bought a second-hand device, and it has iCloud Activation Lock. There can be a number of reasons if you want to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

This article will give you information on How to Bypass or Remove the iCloud Activation Lock. Let’s do some Bypassing!

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone

The iCloud Activation is a feature that keeps getting better and more secure with each update. In 2018 there were major changes made to it too, by which you couldn’t see the activation lock status anymore. However, it is not too difficult to bypass it.

You might require third-party applications or tools during this process. All methods to Bypas iCloud Activation Lock are explained below, so let us get started.

1. Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password

If your device has an Apple ID, and you do not have the password for it, you can remove the Apple ID and bypass the Activation Lock using the third party tool LockWiper. It is an incredibly effective tool available at a very affordable cost.

You can use this tool, and as a result, the bypassed iDevice will no longer be linked to the previous Apple ID in any sort of way. You can also get the Pro Version for 39$. Check out LockWiper Here:

2. Remove iCloud Activation Lock by removing the device from iCloud

It is extremely common to purchase a second-hand iPhone ( from eBay, OLX etc.), but it is not usable most of the times because of the activation lock. In case you wish to bypass the device in such a case follow these steps:

  • Contact the seller of your device.
  • Instruct them to go to their and sign in with their Apple ID and Password.
  • Select FindiPhone and click on All Devices.
  • Select the relevant device and delete it from the iCloud Account.

In this way, the Device will no longer be linked to the previous Apple ID and the iCloud Activation Lock will get removed.

3. Remove iCloud Activation Lock by Quick DNS Method (Temporary)

Please remember that this method is temporary to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock

  • Click on Home Button
  • Go to the Settings, then open WiFi Settings
  • Choose the WiFi network
  • Tap the ‘i’ button to the right where your network is shown
  • You will reach the network settings. Find DNS.
  • Remove the DNS that is already there, and instead put in the DNS according to the region where you are located:

If you are located in USA/North America, the new DNS is

If you are located in Europe, the new DNS is

If you are located in Asia, the new DNS is

If you are located in any other area, the new DNS is

  • On entering the new DNS, click save. Then, click on Back.
  • Tap Join this Network and enter the password (if prompted), then tap Join.
  • The iPhone will show an Activate iPhone screen.
  • Click on Activation Help

After you have completed all the above-mentioned steps you should get a message ‘You have successfully connected to my Server’.

In this way, the iCloud Activation Lock is removed without password and you will be able to use most of the features of the device, temporarily.

4. Unlock iCloud Activation Lock by approaching Apple

If the above-mentioned methods do not work for you, then it is advisable for you to approach Apple once, in case they are able to help you out. But since the security policy is extremely strict, Apple will remove the iCloud Lock on your device if and only if:

  • The device belongs to you and you have the receipt/proof that it does.
  • The device belonged to another party and you bought the device from them. Proof of the original owner’s receipt along with proof that you purchased it from them is necessary.

Apple will then verify the documents, check if the iDevice was stolen/lost (in which case the Activation Lock would not be removed).

Other verification processes may or may not be conducted, but once you can establish your ownership of the device, the iCloud Activation Lock will get removed by apple.

5. Bypass iCloud Activation Lock without Password using Doulci

Another tool that you can use is Doulci Activator.

Though this is not an official method for removing iCloud Lock on iPhone, people still use it.

You can read the entire process here.

6. Video on How to Bypass iOS 9 iCloud Activation Screen

This video EverythingApplePro explains how one can bypass the locks using multiple methods. A few methods shown in the video are already mentioned in above steps.

7. Bypass iOS 11 on iCloud Locked iPhone

Another working method shown below.

Final Take!

The above-mentioned methods are the best you can use to unlock your device. We hope that your issue was resolved and you were able to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock. Additionally, if you have any further queries related to this topic you can comment down below and we will try to respond back to you with a relevant answer.