6 Best Tools to Make Videos on Mac

Apple computers’ Mac has primarily been created, keeping in mind the industrial standards and for professionals, particularly in photo and video editing. But making videos on a Mac machine is difficult, especially for beginners. Before you plan to make a video for yourself or someone else, try finding a video maker for Mac, which suits your style and preference as that would make your job much easier.

Creating videos on Mac comes with its limitations, including money and complexity. We all are aware that good video makers are quite expensive and quite complex for a non-technical person to comprehend. People usually find it problematic to locate the features they require for creating videos.

The six best video editing tools for mac are as follows:

1. InVideo Video Editor

Price: Free/ Pro: $20/month

Invideo comes with a free online video editing tool called YouTube Video Editor. This tool has got all the features one needs to create and edit an excellent video for posting online.

InVideo is best for beginners for its easy-to-use features and how efficient it is. It also gives you access to the premium stock footage from its library that enhances the quality of the video. It comes with many features and allows video-makers to create videos using their media. The users also get an option of choosing from the library of images and music.

2. iMovie

Price: Free

iMovie is Apple’s proprietary software and is provided as part of its iLife suite. This software is pre-installed on Mac if you’ve just purchased a new machine. This software might not be the most powerful and complex one. It is pre-installed but is a perfect option for those new to video editing as it is a beginner level editor. There are no complex features for anyone to play with for editing. . iMovie comes with many easy-to-use effects. It has lots of build-in animations, music templates, and sounds to help video-makers start on their first project immediately.

3. Blender

Price: Free

There are many instances where, while making videos, you need more power-packed features. In that case, Blender is the right choice for you. It is one of the most impressive video makers that come free for Mac. As it is an open-source program developed by the community, users always get free access without paying any hidden charges.

Like other open-source software, Blender is also a very intuitive application. Firstly, it has an impressive range of features comparable to any other professional application; you need to use your imagination while making videos. This software is the most known for its 3D modeling options that could be found in costly applications available online.

Moreover, being community software, you can always avail of the community’s support if you get stuck in any issue while making videos. You have to post a question online, and you will get help from someone or the other. Besides, there are many tutorials available for you to understand, and they keep on adding regularly.

4. Final Cut Pro X

Price: $299.99

This is one of the best video editing software for professionals who are using the Mac machine. Its main features include versatility and powerful editing. It also offers an excellent interface. Though it is quite an expensive application, users can pay once and use it for the licensed period.

This software is well optimized for Mac and coordinates well with Apple’s ecosystem, including Photos or iTunes. Despite being packed with professional-level features, like Magnetic Timeline, grouping tools, range of effect options, and organizational features, this software is quite easy to use. You have to add a video and edit it. The latest version, released recently, video clips can now be analyzed automatically for dominant motion and could be cropped with Smart Conform to any size and shape like square or vertical or any other form. This feature is quite helpful for exporting the video to any social media platform.

5. Adobe Premiere Elements

Price: $69.99

This is one of the best video editing tools for beginners. If you aspire to be a professional video artist or make videos, you can use it to practice. .

Being much less complex as compared to Premiere Pro, this one is very straightforward and still packed with some compelling features like face detection, audio effects, and bundled soundtracks.

With this software, users could expect to get all the desired features in a decent video editor like transitions, chroma-keying, and opacity, among others. This application offers a straightforward approach and interfaces for editing with various options like smart search functionality, video stabilization, and automated functions, like motion tracking and smart toning. These features help users speed up their workflow, churn out video much faster, and give it a  professional touch.

In the version released in 2024, users get an added feature to opt to replace static skies with moving ones in their video footage. This software is not part of Creative Cloud but is available at a one-time fee, known as a trial period.

6. Corel VideoSuite Ultimate

Price: $99.99

This is the most used by beginners for its compatibility. The easy to use features and the simple interface makes it a favorite.  And it is comparatively inexpensive. If you are a beginner in video making and editing, then you must use Corel VideoSuite Ultimate. This offers an excellent user interface that makes it much easier to get started.


Once the users get to master video editing basics, they access other advanced features right here. Some of the advanced features include motion tracking, 4K supports, music library, 360-degree VR support, 3D text editing, and other numerous effects. These features make an editor a great value for money.

So what are you thinking? Try out these editors, and see which one suits your style, preference, and work.  After all, going forward, you want to become a pro in making videos.