How to Increase User Engagement with Explainer Videos

In today’s competitive world, businesses can no longer be successful using printed texts such as product brochures or static screen ads. Such typical sales promotion and marketing techniques are not able to grasp the attention of your existing customers and attract new potential customers for your product. Then what to do? The best answer is to make “Explainer Videos”.

What are Explainer Videos?

Explainer Videos are short animated online marketing videos to communicate and educate the audience about your story, brands, products, and services in a highly engaging manner. Generally, explainer videos help to transform the business idea whether simple or complex into absorbing information.

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Significance of Explainer Videos:

The use of explainer videos can boost your business in quick and short intervals without creating or expending significant dollars on the company’s sales force. Explainer videos can greatly impact by creating powerful impressions and evoke customer ‘s eotions via attention-grabbing audio-visuals.

A good easy-to-understand entertaining video in 2D or 3D animated format can easily connect and attract the audience. Yet, there are certain ways to increase user engagement through explainer videos and will be discussed later in this article.

Anyone can now hire professional services for making good entertaining 2D or 3D animated videos for their product or services.

Making and launching an explainer video for your product or service doesn’t guarantee a success story for your business. You must think about how to increase user engagement and interest in your particular product or service to entice your target audience and boost your business locally and globally as well.

Let’s discuss some of the major points in brief that can help in increasing user engagement through explainer videos.

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Analyze and Focus on Audience

You need to first analyze the target audience what they are looking for and prepare an explainer video according to their needs and interest to solve their problem. Explainer video must clearly illustrate to the customer in an easy entertaining way about your product or service and how a customer will be benefited from it.

Focus on Video Quality

To engage the viewer’s attention and interest, you should focus on the script and quality of audio and video contents. Visuals (audio & picture) quality and its loading times and reduced bouncing & high refreshing rates are the key aspects in maintaining viewers’ attention and engagement.

Convincing Introduction at the beginning of the video

The first five to ten seconds are crucial to start your explainer video. You need to figure out and focus on how to make an initial statement and display of video to introduce your product or service. The audience can be engaged by mentioning the real purpose of the video in the very beginning and telling how viewers are going to be benefited after seeing their explainer video.

Inquire Viewer an interesting Question

To enhance the viewer’s engagement on the explainer video, it is best to add an interesting question and ask the viewer to comment and answer the question. This is one of the best techniques for effective interaction with the customer directly thus can maximize rapidly user engagement.

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Use of CTAs and Visual Cues & Annotations

You can increase engagement by including Call-to-Actions (CTAs), visual cues, and annotations throughout the video to draw the viewer’s attention. The use of CTAs and annotations can assist you in telling the viewers what they want to do and how they want to do? CTAs can inspire viewer’s interest in following, subscribing, contacting, and downloading & saving your website or channel.

Use of best-fit video lengths (Short or Longer as appropriately)

Generally, viewers lose attention if either video is very short or too long. Online customers do not have much patience for viewing a long video. The perfect video length is around 2 to 3 minutes depending upon the nature of the product or service and target audience. You can reduce the video lengths even lesser than 2 minutes by adding CTAs for a user to visit or contacting the website.

Arrange a renowned personality to Host Your Video

Video engagement can be boosted immensely if you arrange a host – someone very famous credible/respectful person to narrates about your product or service. In this way, user attention and interest can be achieved enormously beyond your expectations particularly if your product or service relates directly or somehow with the hosting personality.

Use of Engaging Video Thumbnail

User attraction and engagement extremely enhances if the thumbnail perfectly conveys everything that is inside as a gateway to compel the potential users/customers to watch your video. An engaging video thumbnail is the best combination of images, pictures, texts, and graphics for the best visual illustration that can be prepared in few clicks through available online thumbnail template options.

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Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Your Video

You cannot engage the viewers if your video fails in a quick search. You must arrange the SEO of your video through some experts. You need to ensure that you have a good title and description of your video for achieving the best SEO. If you don’t let your viewer search and find your video as quickly as possible, you cannot engage your target audience.

Use of Social Media for Promoting Your Video

These days people are more ready to see short advertising videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. The use of smartphones has made it much easier and regular & rapid access to aforesaid social media platforms where uploading your videos can immensely increase user engagement.


Explainer Videos are the need of the day for a cost-effective marketing tool for any kind of business. However, you can only optimize your business by considering the factors described above to increase user engagement of your explainer videos that must be storytelling, entertaining, educating & memorable.

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