Monitor Your Business Website Performance in 2024 – Here’s How You Can

So, you have a great website built, you have all business operations set up and you even hired the best agency with the best SEO services in Karachi. What next? Well, you should know that it takes about a solid 3-6 months before you can see some results coming in from an SEO perspective.

However, the reporting element always begins from the start and there are some key metrics that you should definitely be aware of if you want to be on one page with your agency or with the help of other agencies like letusproceed and you can get to know all about the meaningful insight from your SEO reports.

Let’s look at these in a bit more detail:

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  1. Website Uptime

This perhaps is the single most important metric that you have to monitor because almost all businesses rely on their website to be running round the clock and seamlessly. Even if the website is down for more than a few minutes, it can cause delays in actual business operations and turn away hundreds of potential customers away. Your website Uptime should always be 99% and nothing less. You should always check for this from different locations to ensure an accurate result.

  1. Webpage Load Time

After your uptime, this has to be the second most crucial metric that you should keep an eye on. A slow-loading website hurts your business directly. It says to your customers that this business does not invest in their user experience and does a good job of turning away potential buyers. Anything more than 5 seconds is just bad. Elements on your website like large files or images may be contributing to a slow load time. Make sure you investigate the cause and eliminate it for a faster loading website and better user experience.

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  1. User Flow

Now, this is a very interesting metric that allows you to see the path your user takes once they have landed on a page. What can this do for you? Well, it can tell you on what page the user came to the website and then what information led them to leave the website. For example, a user may simply arrive at contact us, fill the form and leave or they can drop off on a blog page and not explore the rest of the website despite there being a clear and compelling call to action. Based on this information you can improve your user experience and compel users to take action on your website. You can see user flows through Google Analytics or install heat mapping software for this purpose.

  1. Visitors & Traffic

Your traffic is your biggest asset in SEO and website performance and good SEO services in Karachi will know this. SEO tools can actually show you the number of visitors by a day or even an hour to let you know what times your audience is most active, what locations are they most active from and what pages are performing the best in terms of attracting and retaining the audience. You can also assess whether your website can withhold huge traffic and if not, you can look to then upgrade your server.

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  1. Website Quality

This includes everything from content to code. Websites are technical assets and they need to be updated from time to time to ensure quality standards. Make sure that the website has good quality content that is being updated on a regular basis. Content is what will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Apart from this, you need to see if there are any errors or broken links showing up in your SEO reports or not.

These issues need to be taken care of immediately to make sure they do not impact the Google rankings and page load time.

  1. Accessibility

You might have a more global business and want to be equally accessible from all locations. You need to check your website from different locations through a VPN to make sure the website is loading the same from all areas and your audience doesn’t have any issues in reaching you. Good SEO services in Karachi will always take care of this aspect.

Here you go, knowing these metrics and what they can mean for your business will be a good knowledge asset for you. This will allow you to really monitor the progress of your business online and determine what steps need to be taken to ensure a growing and stable presence online. Make sure you monitor these metrics on your own as well more than twice a month to make sure timely action is being taken.