Here Are 6 Ways You Can Use Email Marketing To Promote Your Bed And Breakfast

Online marketing is a huge and constantly growing industry; a big part is the email marketing industry. With 4 billion email users and 306 billion emails being sent daily and returns of up to $36 for every dollar invested, it is an obvious investment.

In the hospitality industry, having good communication with customers is very important, and email marketing lets you do exactly that. Email marketing can be tricky to grasp initially as a new user, but it can produce amazing results once you start using it.

These six email marketing tips and tactics can serve as an excellent guide to email marketing for beginners and assist you in productively promoting your bed and breakfast.

Email Marketing Strategies

1. Segment your email list


In the hospitality industry, creating an email list is easier, than most bookings require an email address. But once you have managed to create an email list, you must segment it to maximize the effectiveness of your emails. Segmenting your email list means you make lists using demographics, history with your brand, and the interests of those on the list.

It would enable you to deliver emails to users more pertinent to their needs while avoiding the appearance of spamming them.

2. Personalize your emails

One of the best things about marketing is the ability to personalize emails by adding the receiver’s name. Personalization of emails has been shown to increase engagement amongst receivers. Whichever email you send, such as for holiday wishes or one to offer discounts, you can simply add your customer’s name, making it more likely to open.

You should also send out emails on your customer’s birthdays to show them you care. You can use one template for the year and send birthday wishes to everyone on your email list.

3. Send out pre-arrival and post-stay emails

When someone books a stay at your B&B, you should send them a thank you and a confirmation email. Use a hospitality email template available on PosterMyWall to personalize for each customer and send it to them once their booking is confirmed.

It should include a beautiful photograph featuring your hotel or the area and the details of their bookings, such as check-in and check-out date and time, their room, and the price of the stay. Also include the location of your B&B and directions from the airport or train station, and all contact details. Even add additional packages you offer if they want to book them. Furthermore, add some major sights and hidden gems they might want to visit.

Send another email the week ahead of their stay as a reminder. After check out, send the guest an email thanking them for their stay and asking for their feedback using a form. Try to make this email warm and personal to ensure the trip ends on a sweet note.

4. Create a newsletter


Having a monthly newsletter released on the same date and time means customers will have something to look forward to. You can use a simple but beautiful newsletter template featuring your B&B each month and change it up ahead of holidays like Christmas or the Fourth of July.

It should feature upcoming events and promotions, any new staff members you hired, or a short profile of one of the current members each month. Use it to announce any achievements in the previous month too.

The newsletter can feature new tourist spots that opened in the area or simply a segment that shows and talks about one tourist destination in your city each month.

5. Offer exclusive deals and discounts

Customers should benefit from being included on your email list if you intend to keep them as clients. You owe individuals on your email list a debt of gratitude; therefore, to show your appreciation, you should give them access to special discounts and deals and let them know about impending sales before everyone else.

You may also email them discount codes that, when used to make a reservation, would give them a discount on a future stay at your bed and breakfast. This is another way to offer them referral discounts for friends and family. You might also offer a reward programme for customers who have stayed with you more than once.

6. Keep your email user-friendly

Most customers will check their emails on their mobile devices rather than PCs. Because of this, you should ensure that all of your email templates are compatible with mobile devices. They ought to be simple to read and scroll through.

Each of your emails should include a button that directs recipients to your website and a call to action button for anyone interested in making a reservation at your bed and breakfast or learning more about the current offer being promoted. In addition, all of your contact information ought to be accessible through the emails.

Before sending out any emails, ensure they work properly by testing them on yourself and your staff members first.



It might be difficult to start email marketing, but having these tricks in mind can be very useful. You can simply start by using these 6 techniques and mastering them to create an effective email campaign. These basic things will always be a part of your email campaign, no matter how complex your campaign gets.

Start an email campaign for your bed and breakfast today and test some of the above mentioned techniques. Remember to keep things simple but professional, and do not spam your customers’ mailbox.

Remember to keep your email address active at all times and promptly answer any questions or comments sent to you via email; this will further reflect positively on your company’s ability to provide excellent customer service.