Canadian Immigration Consultants: How They Can Help With Complex Cases

Applying for the immigration program is an applicant’s first step when deciding to shift to Canada. Be it temporary resident or permanent resident (PR), even on a work permit or student permit, the process of applying causes confusion, and there will be a need to submit many documents for the same.

Many hire an immigration consultant in Toronto for immigration for helping to decide which program is suitable for their requirement, along with the required documentation. It helps make the procedure for applying for immigration to Canada easy, as there will not be any application errors when taking the help of a consultant.

About Immigration Consultant 


Anyone cannot just offer advice on Canadian immigration applications as the consultant should have enough experience to know various updates in the law of immigration. The immigration authorities regulate this profession.

An immigration consultant is a person or company hired to advise, guide, and support completing and submitting the immigration application. The government authorities regulate this profession.

CICC ( the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultant), previously known as the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), keeps track of and regulates the consultants who offer Canada immigration and citizenship.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) are authorized by the CICC to charge fees for representing or advising regarding the procedures for submitting Canadian immigration applications.

CICC also regulates immigration advisors who look into student visa permits. These advisors are Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIA), and they mainly look into applications relating to student study permits. They can never submit any form of application on students’ behalf.

To register with CICC, the immigration consultants should have completed a one-year certification program and passed the Entry to Practice Exam (EPE). Only permanent residents and citizens can appear for EPE exams.

Benefits Of Hiring A Consultant


A consultant is an expert in providing advice on all procedures relating to Canadian immigration. Whether it is for traveling or studying, working, or even starting a business, individuals or companies will have peace of mind regarding the permit application procedure. A few benefits of hiring a consultant include,

Selection Of Visa

All visa categories are different, as one applicant may be qualified to apply for two types of visas at once. In that case, selecting which visa category to apply for becomes challenging. It is where a consultant will be of immense help.

The consultant will help understand different visa programs that are best suitable for the client’s profession, based on the demand in Canada. They can also calculate the accurate score that is applicable, which is difficult to know during free online assessments.

Resolve Complex Cases

After the eligibility check, the next stage is Educational Credential Assessment. Many applicants get stuck at this stage due to seal transcripts requirements. With immigration consultant help, it becomes easy to understand this procedure and continue.

In the same way, if the GCKey ( an electronic credential that allows communication with government services securely) gets revoked or if the NOC (no objection certificate) is not as per required procedures, then a consultant will provide the best solutions and follow-up on the case.

Well-Presented Application

The visa application should get well presented for being considered by Canadian immigration and companies. A consultant will be able to prepare it professionally.

Verify Documents

Since the immigration procedure to Canada is strict, even just one mismatch in the documents submitted can forfeit Canada’s immigration forever.

If the documents are unrelated to the application filed, the immigration authorities will label the applicant a fraud. Only a professional can help in verifying the documents before submission.

Up-to-Date With Immigration Laws

After submitting the immigration application, two-way communication happens between the authorities and the applicant. A consultant will help by acting as a representative who helps smooth conversations with the authorities.

At the same time, if the authorities change any law or procedures for application, the consultant will get updated and inform the applicant.

Alternative Options

Even after applying correctly, a consultant will suggest an alternative way to reapply for a new visa if the visa gets rejected.

They will help the migration process through other available visa programs or increase the scope of the current visa process when reapplying.

Complex Permanent Residence Application


Since immigration consultants are in constant touch with the authorities and the applicant, properly communicating with the officials is possible at the right time. They can represent during hearings and appeals, ensuring a good outcome that helps get immigrants to Canada faster.

If the application for Canadian immigration is complex, it will take time to process. The application will be complicated if,

  • The email, address, or phone number is outdated, and the authorities cannot contact the applicant or their family member.
  • The applicant did not submit relevant documents on time.
  • After application, the dependents turned Eighteen years of age.
  • Applicant adding new dependants after submission of application.
  • Dependents got married, or they became parents after application.
  • Submitted documents to change marital status or the child’s custody gets altered.
  • Resubmit medical exam papers as one person’s form expired.
  • The applicant asked to appear for an interview.
  • The applicant or family member is not eligible for immigration.
  • Background checks on the applicant and family members are still in process.


Canada immigration is all about getting the application submitted for approval for the required visa. When a consultant gets hired to look after this process, they give expert guidance to follow the correct procedure during immigrant application.

Since consultants have many years of expertise, they know how to acquaint themselves with every option and question in the application form. They will help select the best entry approach for preparing and submitting applications and the correct corresponding documents.

The consultants will have continued communication with the authorities regarding the visa application process, and the applicant can give attention to other things like studies, work, and family. Many other items must get taken care of before migrating to Canada, and they will help preplan the requirements.