Why Are Cartier Watches so Expensive – 2024 Review

Watches don’t stop losing popularity, even though mobile phones have recently taken on the clock role. The market is flooded with various brands, starting from the most luxurious ones with a long tradition, to those with a more affordable price. While some people need it to check what time it is, others consider it a symbol of prestige and luxury. We will dedicate this article to one of the most prestigious and most expensive watch brands in the world – Cartier.

Kartier is considered the originator of the production of watches and today it is available only to those with high financial capabilities. Although the company was primarily dedicated to the production of these prestigious accessories, it later became known for its jewelry production.

Users often wonder what it is that makes it so expensive. Is it the long history of this brand that justifies the price or are some other factors responsible for that? We’ve tried to give an answer to this question and to investigate what it is that affects the high price of these world-famous products. Stay tuned and just decide if this brand is worth paying for.

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History worthy of attention

One of the factors that affect the price is the rich history worthy of attention and the tradition that has been preserved to this day.

The creator of this brand is the Frenchman Louis-Francois. The idea to make the world’s first watches came from his friend the pilot Alfred Santos-Dumont (after whom some models were later named), who pointed out the great inconvenience when traveling with a pocket clock.

Cartier didn’t wait long to start designing the perfect model for his friend. Thanks to Santos Dumont, this first model started gaining great popularity in the public.

Seeing that his creation intrigued the world, Louis began with mass production.

This business was inherited years later by his sons, who continued with mass production and expanded the range of products to jewelry.

High mechanical achievements

In addition to the simple story that testifies to the long tradition of Cartier, many other factors have made it one of the most luxurious and expensive in the world. One of them is high-quality mechanical performance. From the beginning, the producers were aware of how important the quality is and that they have to raise it to the highest possible level, in which they undoubtedly succeeded.

Mechanically enhanced watches have always been one of the priorities of customers, especially when it comes to male customers, which was clear to Louis from the very beginning. That is why he strived to meet these needs of clients in his collections. This aspiration still exists today, which can be noticed by looking at the various collections available. One of the first men’s collections to be mechanically improved was the Collection Privee.

Although at first glance the housings were simple, the interior of the accessories hid the perfect mechanical performance that was characteristic of some other popular brands on the market. Even today, this quality is available, which explains the high price.

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Fascinating design

Design is one of the most important criteria for customers when choosing the best model for themselves. The physical appearance of the watch is what interested users will first notice and that is why it must be unique and recognizable on the market. It is also one of the basic factors that will increase the brand’s popularity in the world.

Cartier didn’t stay behind when it comes to design as one of the most important aspects. Special attention was drawn to the glass back, thanks to which you can see the movements inside. The phenomenon of movement in the house was quite unusual, and thanks to it, such models achieved great world success.

Models of various designs can be found on the market today. Starting with animal prints, through those with precious stones, leather or metal bracelets, and the like. Many of them are featured on bitluxuria.com. Carefully, you can spend a lot of time choosing the perfect model for yourself.

Independent production of some parts

Most watch manufacturers purchase most of their components from suppliers. In this way, the company can focus on some other aspects and speed up the production process.

In the beginning, this is what Kartier’s production decisions looked like. However, during the production of the Collection Privee, which lasted for 10 years, the creator of this popular brand began to face unexpected problems. Delivery of ordered components begins to be delayed, which begins to significantly slow down the production process and delay the planned deadline for launching new models.

Aware of the fact that such circumstances significantly slow down the process, the creator starts his own production of parts. It was the only way to maintain the trust of the users and it’s still applied today. This further implies high costs, which automatically dictates the higher price of popular watches.

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High technology

Improving technological aspects is crucial in the 21st century. Cartier didn’t lag behind when it comes to the implementation of modern technology. The latest ways of making watches are noticeable in the popular models ID-ONE and its successor ID-two.

Thanks to advanced technology, energy performance has improved first. Unlike regular watches that are the work of some other brands, the Cartier watches have the ability to store energy more efficiently. Also, energy consumption is drastically reduced.

Celebrity support

Perhaps the most obvious factor that contributes to the high price of Cartier watches is the fact that you can see them on the hands of various celebrities. Considering that the younger generations are shaping their fashion style according to their favorite stars, it isn’t surprising how the awareness of this famous brand quickly spread around the world.

If we look back at 1918 for a moment, we will notice that one of the most innovative and unique models – the Cartier Tank – was produced then. The idea for this creation came from a tank that was used in the First World War. A very small number of these were made, one of which was on the wrist of Princess Diana.

Obviously, many factors explain the high price of Cartier watches on the market. What do you think now, is this luxury accessory worth your investment?