How to Design the Ideal Factory Floor

Whether you are constructing a factory from scratch or have leased a space that can be used as a blank canvas for your manufacturing company, it’s important to consider the layout of this work area carefully. You must make sure that the workspace is safe for employees but is also designed in the most efficient way for daily operations to run smoothly. If you are in the process of designing your new factory floor, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Emergency Exits

A priority in any factory setting is ensuring that the inside staff are safe. Highlight all of the emergency exits in your factory floor plans and make sure that these are kept clear at all times. Large pieces of equipment and machinery should not be located in these areas as they could potentially make it harder to access these exits.

  • Take Measurements for Equipment


Taking accurate measurements for the space, you are working with is key, particularly when it comes to putting in orders for essential equipment that you will want to have installed for your operations. You may also want to think about how you are going to connect the different workstations, and conveyor belt systems might be beneficial for this. You can learn more about installing conveyor belts and ordering conveyor belt parts from

  • The Stages of Manufacturing

If you want the workflow of your factory to run smoothly, then you need to keep in mind the different stages of the manufacturing process that will take place in this space. Making sure that tools and other important equipment are stored close to the locations they will be used, for example, will help your workers access them more easily and save time. For the final stages of manufacturing, think about how easy it will be to move the finished products away from the factory floor and into storage, where they will wait for testing and distribution.

  • The Removal of Waste Products


Waste products will be all part of the manufacturing process, but they do need to be removed from the factory floor to create a safer working environment free from obstruction. You will also need to think about how you will remove these waste products from this area and how easy this will be.

  • How Staff will Move Around the Area

There will be various members of staff working on your factory floor to carry out essential tasks, whether that is working in the production line, on maintenance duties, or shifting and packing products. You may want to consider implementing a one-way system or something similar to help keep staff safe as they move around the factory floor and reduce the risk of people getting injured or causing congestion in areas that might hinder production.

There are many other key things to consider when you are designing your factory floor layout, but the points above are all worth keeping in mind so that you can create the ideal space for a productive workflow and keep your factory workers safe.