Catering Software Features to Help You Run Your Business More Efficiently – 2024 Guide

If you’re a catering business, chances are you use an assortment of different software applications to help manage your day-to-day operations. Whether you’re managing events, ordering, inventory, or food production, catering software can make your life easier and help you run more efficiently.

Sales and Marketing Tools


Many of the top catering software platforms also offer a variety of user-friendly business development tools for sales and marketing. These can include lead tracking, lead web forms for capturing leads via your website; proposal builders; and electronic signature tools to create contracts and collect payments.

You can also use these tools to automate email marketing and social media promotion and engagement. Some of these programs also integrate with third-party tools like Mailchimp and Hootsuite.

Organize Event Details

Keeping track of details about each and every order is important to the success of any catering business. That’s why you want a catering software program that lets you easily create detailed events that include menus, beverages, prep instructions, and setup instructions.

Some of these systems also let you build BEOs on the fly that contain important information for your front-of-house and kitchen staff. These BEOs are an essential tool for making sure all of the correct pieces of information are included in each and every catering order, and they are easy to use, too.

The best catering software will also have a calendar system so you can keep track of upcoming events at a glance. You can filter by days, weeks, months, and years to see if anything is coming up that you should plan for.

Inventory Management


Another key feature of any catering software is the ability to keep track of stock levels, as well as what you need to stock up on in advance to meet an event’s needs. This feature can save you money and time by eliminating manual data entry, and it makes your catering business more efficient as you’ll have access to real-time information about what supplies you need to have on hand.

Reports and Metrics

Finally, good catering software should have features that allow you to easily create reports and metrics that show you exactly what’s going on in your business. These reports and metrics can be a great way to help you understand how your business is performing overall and make changes as needed.

You can also use these reports and metrics to help you track how much money you’re spending on ingredients, rentals, and other resources. This will help you provide a more accurate quote and ultimately earn better profit margins for your business.



The TRAX platform is an online hospitality and catering software that helps you run your business efficiently. It’s designed to simplify order management and ensure your customers receive the highest quality product. It is an ideal choice for cafes, restaurants, and sandwich shops.

Having a central system to store all customer information will make it easy for you to send out quotes, and invoices and follow up with your customers. It can also help you track payments and keep up-to-date records of past transactions, events, and discounts. It also provides you with a tool to create loyalty programs, collect feedback, and track customer satisfaction.