Digital Transformation And The Change In Tourist Habits

Almost many of us have been hearing about digital transformation over the last few years. It is indeed true that digital transformation is basically altering the criterion and strategies of a company or business. Based on the usage of modern digital technologies, it has become easy to build more chances and values. Also, several people are showing more interest in digital currencies as they can be utilized most of the time.

One of the best digital transformations in this century is cryptocurrency. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, make sure to click here to create a trading account. Thus, staying as one of the high-end technologies for a decade, it is clear that cryptocurrency has a crucial role in increasing digital transformation.

Due to the digital transformation, you can detect numerous changes in several sectors, and one such industry is tourism and hospitality. The UNWTO 2019 reports reveal that tourism is the 5th fastest growing sector in the world with about 1 Billion international tourists. In this post, we will talk about how digital transformation is showing changes in tourist habits.

Explaining The Digital Transformation And How It Changes Tourist Habits

In 2018, the total revenue of the tourism industry in Canada was about $18.4 Billion. Undoubtedly, the tourism industry is one of the initial sectors to recognize digital transformation. In the present digital habitat, tourists’ expectations are relatively high because of various creative disruptions. Here are some essential points which demonstrate how the digital transformation leads to changes in tourist habits and how it influences the tourism and hospitality industry.

Mobile device


A study revealed that nearly 28% of entire bookings are performed through a smartphone in North America. Another report by Criteo states that about 1/3rd of the world’s population utilizes mobile phones to book a hotel room. Because of digital transformation, many tourists are expecting free wi-fi and 4G connectivity as well.

Currently, many cafes, airports, and even hotels offer wi-fi services. Some high-end hotels use the latest technology to provide a separate gadget for the customers during their stay at the hotel. In addition to that, tourists utilize their mobile phones to book flight tickets, rent cars, pick tour packages, and many more.

Cryptocurrency payments


With digital transformation and the wide usage of cryptocurrency, it has become easier for tourists to pay for their excursions. Many tourists prefer to pay using crypto coins wherever it is possible. There are several benefits of using cryptocurrency during your tour. For example, one such advantage is that you do not have to pay high ATM fees.

If you are a frequent traveler, you might be familiar with the high ATM charge levied on every withdrawal in some countries. Hence, you can avoid paying high tariffs by using cryptocurrency. Besides that, when you travel to a foreign country, you need to convert your country’s currency into local currency to shop around the area. However, the currency conversion rates are so high, which is why it is better to use crypto coins as they have low conversion charges.

While carrying real money in your wallet or cash bag, there is a risk of money theft. Due to that, you might lose your cash. But, there are no chances for a thief to steal your digital currencies. Plus, you do not have to carry an additional purse to keep the money, as you can pay digital payments via your phone. Considering all these points, it is clear that there are many benefits of digital transformation to the tourism industry and tourists as well.

Online reviews and ratings​


With the digital transformation, tourists are primarily choosing everything based on online reviews and ratings. For example, if a group of travelers is planning to stay at a hotel, they tend to check the online rating of all the available hotels to find the best one that matches their preferences. Hence, the digital transformation makes it easy for tourists to choose the best places.

Not just a hotel, but tourists will explore the previous customer’s feedback and rating to find the best restaurants, cafes, tourist spots, and many more. In addition to that, the guests may also leave a review after visiting that place to share their personal experiences with others.

AI and Chatbots


In the past, many hotels used to maintain greeting binders on the receptionist table, who will tell you about everything you want to learn. However, at present, hotels give all the necessary information and other details through AI-powered apps and technology.

Tourists can get access to this information whenever they want from their smartphones. Because of digital transformation, some hotels use the best technology, which lets you give commands to voice-activated chatbots to close the curtains, order meals, put the alarm, and many more.

Internet of Things


As various devices get attached to the Internet of Things (IoT), the travel industry is using that information to enhance the tourist experience. Knowing more about the travelers will make the hotels fulfill the necessities of the guests. If a specific person keeps visiting your hotel for the past hears, the IoT data automatically delivers a message inquiring the tourist if he/she wants to book a room.

Virtual Reality


Due to digital transformation, there are many changes in traveler habits, and one notable alteration is opting for virtual reality. With the introduction of virtual reality tours, guests can have a look at the museums, national halls, famous tourist attractions, and many more without visiting that place. The primary objective of this virtual reality is to either give a sneak peek of the location or show the whole view so that they do not have to visit that location.


Due to the digital transformation, it became easier for tourists to enjoy their trip with comfort. Besides that, the usage of cryptocurrency is increasing, which is safe to use, easy to transfer, and offers great security during your travel. If you want to know more benefits of the cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can visit