9 Tricks to Kick Your Worst Habits When Using A Video Maker

When editing videos, you can easily settle into a routine. Sadly, this includes forming bad habits that don’t necessarily help with your craft. Remember, though content creation with your video maker is an art form, there are certain guidelines to follow that can help you out.

Don’t just randomly click here and there to insert effects and transitions. Thus, it would help to follow basic principles to ensure success. Ensure your bad habits don’t ruin your content. Let’s get started with these 7 tricks that assure you can kick your worst video editing habits to the curb.

Starting Off With Absolutely No Plan in Place

If you intend to wing it, just don’t! Even if your video maker comes with pre-designed templates, you must still start with a plan. Firstly, failure to do so can result in not having the right clips and material. Secondly, it may consume more time than necessary. When planning a podcast, you should take into account a few key steps to ensure a successful and engaging production. It’s crucial to define your podcast’s format in order to find the best tools to work with, such as audio tech tools, narrator voice actors, and different editing software tools. Above all, you may miss sending the right message. Hence, having a plan in place allows you to stay more productive and focused. To help you out, consider the following:

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  • Write a storyboard
  • Work with a script
  • List the transitions to use
  • Shoot footage ahead

Abusing the Effects and Looking Like an Overdecorated Christmas Tree

Working on a video maker assures you have access to many different features in a well-organized toolbar. Moreover, you can use them easily with the drag and drop feature of the software. For example, you can enjoy the following embellishments:

  • Clips
  • Photos
  • Cuts
  • Transitions
  • Words
  • Animation

Though you may be tempted to use them all at once due to excitement, resist the urge to do so. If you use every single effect in one go, you can end up with confusing output that no one understands. Remember to take things easy. After all, there’s beauty in simplicity. Start off simple and build from there.

Failing to Start With the Right Format Brings a World of Issues

Sometimes, you jump right into video editing but forget your purpose. As a result, you pick the wrong format. Moreover, your project could also end up running too long and not hitting the right target. To avoid this problem, keep the project goal in mind. Additionally, know the exact deliverables from format to resolution.

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Keeping Everything Cluttered and Messy

Chaotic physical space and virtual space equate to a chaotic mind. Video editing can make your workstation messy, if you don’t organize your things well, from your computer to notes. At the same time, your virtual environment can also end up messy with tons of picture and video files. Sadly, this is a bad habit that can affect your performance and productivity. Therefore, keep everything neat and in order to assure excellent results.

Over Killing the Use of Transitions

Transitions play a crucial role in videos. You will find various transitions in your video maker. These elements help your story move along from one shot to the next. You may end up using editing defaults and working with the same transition for all your scenes. Like the one at the helm, you must make a conscious effort to break this bad habit. Thus, always check the default, then vary it up. Use what works best for the project.

Being Lazy and Relying on Too Much Jump Cuts

As a video editor, you cannot become complacent. If you find yourself missing footage in your editing bay, you must be creative enough to cover up those jump cuts. Peruse your video maker and look for interesting video clips and images in the library. Hence, be ready to rely on these free elements to cover up these choppy cuts. Moreover, you can try a b-roll or using an interesting transitional element too. A custom graphic also works well in camouflaging those jump cuts. Cut this lazy habit (pun intended) for better video results!

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Under Utilizing Different Kinds of Audio Components

Your audio works for half of your video. Keep in mind; you are creating an audio-visual masterpiece. Sadly, audio does not receive enough attention. This is a bad habit that can actually kill good content. To ensure you come up with stunning content, use an audio mix with music, narration, and sound effects. Thus, use your video maker to ensure there are:

  • No audio cut-offs
  • Clear sound
  • Audio levels remain consistent
  • Music is enhanced
  1. Using an old computer

It is possible that you have had your computer for a long time, that you are used to it and that you are not thinking of changing it. But it can be a big mistake, which limits you from using a video maker in the right way. For the video editing process, you need a computer that has at least 8GB of RAM, then a fast storage drive, as well as a state of the art processor. Only then will you be able to make the most of the software. And you’ll also significantly reduce the length of editing, because you’ve probably needed twice as long as you would need with new PC or Mac.

  1. You don’t pay attention to the background

This is a bad habit when you are recording a video and then that mistake is transmitted to the use of a video maker. Background can be real or fake, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know when to use which. If you are skilled in using a video maker, then you can use a fake background that later allows you to create whatever background you want. If you are a beginner, then the real background is better, but it is important to pay attention not to be messy.

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Final Wrap Up

In summary, as the video editor, your primary job is to craft various elements into one unified message that wows the crowd. If you want to accomplish this objective, you must cut out your bad habits. For best results, always start with a plan and continue working with your project purpose in mind. Be selective and critical of your choices to ensure you only include the best elements for your creation.