5 Reasons Why Your Video Editing Isn’t Good Enough – 2024 Review

In the world of online technology, marketing is one of the essential factors that determine our success. Businesses decide on different methods to attract the attention of people. For instance, you will notice that more and more businesses start a blog. It is a place where they can share useful pieces of information with their customers. The purpose of those blog posts is not to advertise the products only. They are also there to help people gather relevant pieces of information about a particular topic, product, industry, etc.

Yet, the textual content is not enough. You need to understand that online technology has changed the habits and demands of people. Because of that, people do not have the habit to read long-form textual content. Even if they like to read, you need to find the most effective way to share your thoughts and information. That is the reason why you see more and more video material on social media.

Creating a video is not a challenging process. There are many video editing tools like screencast-o-matic.com¬†that will help you complete the job. Yet, videos are not magical. It doesn’t mean that every video you make is going to catch the attention of people. If you have experienced something like that, we have good news for you. You came to the right place to see the reasons why your video editing isn’t good enough. We will highlight some of the essential mistakes people are commonly making. That especially counts when we talk about beginners. Let’s find them out together.

The Problem with Jump Cut

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Video editing covers many techniques, and they all have their correct place and time. You will not manage to make an engaging video material by using only one technique. One of the ways most video editors like to use is jump cut. It is a strategy that allows you to collapse time and reach the goals you have. They are there to save the time of the viewer and push the entire story you want to share forward.

Unfortunately, beginners usually believe a jump cut is the only option they have. For them, other types of cuts do not exist, and that is a common mistake they make. That is the reason why we recommend newbies explore all the editing options they have. For instance, you can decide on setting up another camera angle. In that way, you can cut the same scene from different angles and make the video more eye-pleasing.

Transitions are Incomplete

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Another common mistake is associated with incomplete transitions. Something like that happens when the length of the transition is longer than the previous clip. Beginners often place a transition between two clips. However, the problem arises when one of those two clips does not extend long enough. Because of that, the previous clip simply drops which leads to the black screen between the transition that the viewer sees.

The solution to this problem is simple. You only need to ensure that previous clips are long enough. However, even that isn’t mandatory if you know how to adjust the transition time.

Music and Video Don’t Work Together

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Releasing an advertising video material without the music is fine in some cases. However, many editors realized that videos with different songs or sounds are more engaging. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should put the first sound you find.

You have probably seen many slow-paced footages with fast music. Something like that is not going to be pleasing for the viewer. If you decide on quick camera movements, that means your video contains high energy music and tempo as well. Imagine that you watch a sad video with happy songs. We are sure you will turn off the video as soon as possible.

We can use a real-life example to make things clear. Let’s imagine that you are running a private ambulance. You decided on making a video with scenes from the ambulance. However, you also decided on adding slow and sad music in the background. What do you think, would people like to come to your ambulance or hospital? The only thing you will do is scare them even more. Because of that, carefully analyze the sounds and their corresponding with the storyline of the video. You can find free music sites that will allow you to use some sounds for free. That is probably the best option you have.

Graphics Are Inconsistent

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Video editors do not have to be graphic designers at the same time. However, that doesn’t mean you should not keep an eye on certain details. For instance, you need to ensure that font size and color are eye-pleasing. That counts for all the parts of the videos that you share.

Unfortunately, beginners often make a common mistake. They believe that different colors and fonts within one video are going to make the content more entertaining and engaging. You need to determine which colors are matchable with the goal that you have. We will use the example of a hospital once again. It would be bad to use colors like black and grey. You need to choose those that are going to convince the viewer that your hospital is the place where they can ask for help.

The long-term solution to this mistake exists as well. After you select a font, it is recommendable that you stick to it for a while. It is also essential that you use the textual content in the right way. Use it for title cards, lower thirds, and similar things that will raise the quality of the video format. Of course, if there is enough space to change the font and color, you can do that as well. However, be sure to change the creativity only when there is enough place to do that.

Creating Videos for Yourself

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It doesn’t matter whether you like your videos or not. You need to understand that you not advertising a product and service to yourself. Instead of that, you should focus more on the results you achieve with your videos. More precisely, you need to listen to the feedback that your customers give you. If you see they commonly don’t like something, then you need to change it. A successful video editor is always ready to be flexible. Sooner or later, you will determine which techniques are effective.