How Does Smartphone Location Tracking Work

How to locate a smartphone is a question we all used to think about. If you are in a situation where you have lost your phone or you want to protect yourself in advance from loss or theft – this text will help you with it.

Is Finding Smartphone Possible?

The loss of a smartphone is always hard for us to bear. It happens that we forget it somewhere and that we can’t find it later. However, today’s modern technology gives us hope that not everything is lost. Whether you want to make sure you find your smartphone if you lose it, or you want to know where your child is – first, you must know how smartphone location tracking works.

There are several options for locating the phone – and the development of technology has enabled us to track and recover our lost devices. We no longer have to be stressed, because locating the phone in case we lose it is successful in a large number of cases. However, we should think about it in time. There are settings and steps you need to follow on your phone and also on your Google or iCloud account – as well as many apps that can help you track your smartphone.

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Preventing The Loss Or Theft Of A Smartphone

For a start, it would be best not to lose your phone or have it stolen. When you are in a crowd, on the street, or public transport,  keep your phone in a safe place. Avoid putting your phone in the pockets and outer compartments of the bag – because they are easily accessible. If you are in a restaurant or other busy place, do not leave your phone on the table, because anyone can pick it up in the aisle.

Watch out where your phone is at all times. Also, there are apps and options on your phone that you need to set up – to make it easier to find it, in case you lose it. Important settings also mean that GPS positioning is turned on on your phone, that your battery is always optimally charged – and that Keep in mind that internet access is also provided, to make it easier to locate your smartphone. Regular data synchronization and backup can help you save your pictures, contacts, and important documents to Google Drive or iCloud – so you have all your data saved in case you lose your phone.

Use A Google And iCloud Account To Locate Your Phone

To make it easier and help their users find their lost phone as soon as possible, Google and Apple have equipped their smartphones with additional technology. When buying a phone, the first thing you do is configure and log in to your Google account. If you have an Android device, then you will use a Google account – while Apple device users open their iCloud account. So, how to do it then? A Google and iCloud account gives its users access to tools that can help them find a stolen or lost phone faster. They allow users to access an account from another device and thus manage a lost phone. You can also try some of these options:

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  • You can make your phone ring.
  • You can send a message hoping that someone will answer you.
  • It offers a phone lock option.
  • Ultimately, you can delete data to prevent misuse.

Keep in mind that you need to set the necessary parameters for using these tools on your phone or to install certain applications.

Track A Smartphone By Its Number

Tracking someone’s phone number sounds crazy and we all think we can only see it in crime movies. However, today the technology has moved to the next level – and now everyone can track the location of the smartphone. You can do this very easily with a simple phone number search. Today, the search for a smartphone location is very simple. You can do it with the help of online services such as, or similar. Every individual has a different reason to know someone’s location – and tracking a device on a mobile phone would be the best option to know about someone’s presence or absence. This tactic is often used by parents who want to know where their children are at a particular time.

Finding A Lost iPhone

For Apple devices, you can apply the built-in Find My iPhone option that every iOS device has. You need to sign in to your iCloud account from another device and verify your Apple ID. If your phone is turned on and connected to the Internet – you will get the exact location on the map or the last location where it was connected to the Internet. You also need to set the parameters on your iPhone beforehand. This app offers you similar options as on Android phones.

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Locating A Smartphone That Has Shut Down

The only option to find a smartphone if it’s turned-off – is to use the so-called IMEI number. This is a several-digit number that represents something like an ID of your phone. It is a unique sign that each phone has and it’s used for satellite tracking and theft prevention.

Protection Before Tracking Phone

If you want to prevent the situation in which your phone can be misused – you better block your phone card from your chosen mobile provider. You can do this by calling your provider, from home, or in person. This will prevent your account and phone number from being misused. It is also recommended that you provide your phone card with an additional PIN code – which must be typed in each time the phone is switched on again.


So we live in a time when technology has advanced significantly, and almost anything can be found – even a lost or stolen smartphone. Certainly, this is not the only reason why some of us want to have an insight into the location of someone else’s phone. It often happens that worried parents track the phones of their children – but some suspicious spouses also follow the movements of the other partner. Before you do such a thing, keep in mind that without the permission of the other party, tracking someone’s phone is not allowed just everywhere. Therefore, you should not abuse the services that tracking services or applications offer you. Ultimately, all the responsibility for such a thing lies with you.