Common Myths About Online Casinos Busted

As online casinos become increasingly popular, more and more people are going online or looking to their phones to play their favorite games. However, many are still apprehensive about the experience, feeling that it isn’t quite the same as playing in real-life. Yet, virtual gambling is really no different from traditional forms. For instance, if you’re playing at, a real-money online casino, then what you win is yours to keep. And the same goes for your losses as well.

If you’re still unsure because you believe some of the most prevalent myths about online casinos. Then the following might clear things up a little for you.

Myth #1 – Online Casinos Aren’t Legitimate


Of course, not every online casino that you encounter will be legitimate. Only the licensed and regulated ones can be trusted to provide the same level of trust and reliability that land-based casinos offer. Knowing that you’re playing at a legitimate casino should be the first thing you ensure before you sign up and add funds to your account to start playing.

Luckily, this information is very easy to find, you can take a look at the top recommendations of a trusted affiliate. Or, check out the website itself where you’ll find the jurisdiction that it holds a licensing by. Additionally, you may want to look for well-known brands that have been around for years. Because once a site has a slew of unhappy customers it gets out there very quickly.

Myth #2 – Software Games are Rigged

One thing that many people still believe is different in online casinos than traditional ones are the game. Naturally, standard online casinos have only software-based games. However, even traditional casinos are no different, the only exception being games that use cards or specific table equipment like the roulette wheel.

This causes mistrust for some that believe the software is programmed a certain way and doesn’t pay out the same as a mechanical game would. When in fact, every casino game that relies on software can’t be tampered with in any way. They have Random Number Generators which provide totally unique and unpredictable results every time you spin.

Myth #3 – The Bonuses Are Too Good to Be True


One of the things that will blow you away about online casinos are the bonus offers available at every decent site. For instance, when you sign up, make a deposit or return to play, these are all opportunities for you to gain something extra. This is totally unheard of in land-based casinos. And for that reason, many feel mistrustful towards these offers.

Of course, these bonuses do have certain stipulations, like that you can only use them for certain games, or there are wagering requirements before you can cash out. This part is true, but you still have something to gain by choosing to opt into a bonus and it’s without any obligation. So, claim those free spins or extra money on your deposit and try your luck.